What Are Swamp Coolers And How Do Swamp Coolers Work?

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It can be very difficult to have no cooling solution in your home, especially when the temperature climbs into triple digits. This will send you a quest for a cooling solution that will give you some heat relief.

Although air conditioners can certainly do the job, there is another option: evaporative cooling machines (also known as "swamp coolers") which offer energy savings.

In addition to improving the quality of indoor air, swamp cooler rental services help you with providing an energy-efficient climate control system, a comfortable work environment, and 100% fresh, filtered outdoor air.

How do Swamp Coolers work?

Swamp Cooler

Swamp coolers are simpler than air conditioners and rely on a simple principle almost everyone is familiar with: evaporative cool.

This is the same principle as what makes sweat cool and why you feel cold when you get out of the pool. Water is evaporated by air moving over it. Evaporation is the process of removing heat.

Let's go over it more!

These are the basic components of a swamp cooler: a fan, a water supply, an air filter, and a sponge-like permeable mesh grid. The water supply keeps the grid damp. The fan draws air through the filter, then passes the grid to evaporate the water. The fan cools the air and disperses it into your home to keep you comfortable.

Swamp Coolers - Downsides

However, evaporative cooling does have a drawback: it needs dry air to function. The maximum amount of water that air can hold is known as humidity.

Humidity is a measure of how much water vapor the air can hold. Evaporative coolers cease to work if water doesn't evaporate. High-humidity days feel warmer than others that are cooler, but with drier air. Your body doesn't have any natural cooling methods if sweat can't evaporate.

Swamp coolers, contrary to what they sound like, are not the best choice if you live in an area that is almost entirely arid, especially during the summer.

Your swamp cooler won’t be able to keep your home cool on humid days. This is because the humidity in your home will make it difficult for them to work properly.

These cooling solutions are great for certain areas. The high deserts and inland Empire areas are great places that would benefit greatly from a swamp cooler. These cooling solutions could be used effectively by residents in areas.

These cooling solutions should be avoided in coastal areas. Warm air will always have higher humidity levels, making it difficult to find cooling relief when you most need it.

Swamp Cooler or Air Conditioner

Swamp coolers depend on the environment in which they are operating, but an air conditioner can cool your home in any kind of climate. Air conditioners work on a different principle than swamp coolers.

Instead of humidifying the air to cool it down, they dry it out by causing water condensing. This causes cool, dry air to enter your home, providing relief from the humidity. Although a swamp cooler will help you save money on your energy bills and provide cost savings.

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