What are Fogger Machines - Types and Uses?

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You may be venturing, what is a fogger apparatus? These cool gadgets are often used in drama productions and concerts. They generate an unnerving scene by pumping out thick white smolder that instantly fills the room. There are many kinds of fogger machines made by Fogger Machine Manufacturers, but all of their efforts are on almost the same principles. You’ll find that the charge range on these machines differs. While you can get an inexpensive fogger machine, it probably won’t do you any good if you need it for manufacturing use.

In case you haven’t reckoned, a fogger machine lets you generate thick artificial fog – the kind you see in horror flicks. It’s pretty calm stuff, but by now you must ask how a fogger machine works. Primary, the machine heats up a fluid. When the fluid becomes gas, it pumps the gas out through an aerosol canister. When the gas meets the cooler air outside, that’s when the mist starts to form – it’s science folks.

Kinds of fogger Machines

You’ll either animated fogger machines or cool fog machines. Animated ones use a heat exchanger that vaporizes the glycol and water mixture inside the machine. In this circumstance, the gas will be hot. If you want to cleanse in this mist, make sure it’s not that hot to give you a sunburn.

Low Versus High Fog Machines

Low fogger machines are the most general kind of fogger machine sold by Fogger Machine Dealers. They yield a low-lying, thick mist that hangs close to the ground. It's faultless for Halloween parties or rendezvous and it supports setting an unnerving mood indoors with bright-colored illuminations shining through.

High-fog machines are typically used out-of-doors because they make much more mist. They’re valuable to generate dramatic scenes or add excitement to the atmosphere. With a more dispersed mist, you won’t see somebody standing on stage unless they have the spotlight on them.

Dry Ice Fog Machine


Dry ice fog machines work by chilling down a container of gas and then pumping it out into the atmosphere. What you'll see is that as soon as this liquid evaporates, your room will be filled with thick but ever-changing wispy clouds.

As the name proposes, this machine uses parched ice, i.e., ice-covered carbon dioxide, and mixes it up in warm water. The dry ice redirects and generates a thick low-lying fog that fills the air.


  1. The aim why dry ice fog machines are so general is that they're harmless to use. Parched ice is inoffensive. How do we recognize it? Open your fridge and try respiring there. It’s completely safe unless you plan on slumbering in there.
  2. With a long ledge life, parched ice is something that’ll be your low-maintenance buddy. You can stock it for weeks on end without requiring to preserve it or anything. 


  1. Notwithstanding its long shelf life, parched ice loses its size over time. This is why you’ll want lots of it to make a good thick mist.
  2. You’ll have to stock parched ice at tremendously low temperatures. If you're not cautious, be ready for nasty frostbites.

Fluid-Based Fog Machines


A fluid-based fogger machine generally uses fluid, such as fluid nitrogen or glycol. It heats up the blend to produce gas. The gas then escapes through the spout and mixes in with cool air to form a thick fog.

As likened to the dry ice fog, this kind of fog remains around longer. But, it’s a little bit livelier so it won’t be spiking to the surface. Imagine it to rise gradually as convection currents do their thing.

Plus, this mist will appear denser. You’ll discern that it won’t twirl around as you walk by. If you want your mist even thicker, add dry ice bits to make it more fun.



  1. You can get a fluid-based fogger machine from a Fogger Machine Manufacturer a bit inexpensive because the fluid doesn’t degrade or shrink in a capacity like dry ice so you won’t be requiring lots of it.
  2. Most liquid-based fog machines are movable and can generate more mist than dry ice. So, you have more mist per fluid volume.


  1. Many liquid fogger machines are more problematic to tidy up afterward. The mist may stick due to the compounds from the fluid. It may even leave some tints. Be ready to keep a thick purse because upholding a liquid fogger doesn’t come cheap.
  2. Fluid gas isn’t always safe. Usually, it’s considered harmless but if you’re sensitive to it, a liquid-based fogger isn’t for you.

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