What Are Blimps & Inflatable Balloons?

by Sagar Chauhan Digital Marketing Analyst
Balloons are used for diverse purposes including birthday party decorations, water balloons, hot air balloons, inflatable balloons, and blimps. One can play with balloons as well in balloons. Besides playing, there are many other uses of balloons. The technology has evolved the normal balloons into blimps and various other types. These days, companies are using new types of balloons for advertising their product as well. Usually blimps and inflatable balloons are used for this purpose. The blimps are barrage balloons that depend on the lifting gas pressure. This lifting gas is known as helium. In this case, the envelope maintains the strength of the balloon as it doesn’t have a keel or an internal structure. On the other hand, the inflatable balloons are filled with gas instead of air. In these balloons, gases like hydrogen, nitrogen, or helium are used. If you want to gain more knowledge on blimps and inflatable balloons, then keep reading further.

What Are Blimps?
The blimps are large balloons that remain in a particular shape due to certain internal overpressure. These are filled with heated air, which helps them to lift themselves upwards. Earlier, the United States Navy used the B-Class blimps during the World War I. These balloons evolved at a greater pace. Now, the blimps are used mostly for the advertising of a certain company or for enjoying oneself. As per the temperature or altitude, the volume of the lifting gas also changes. If there is an overpressure, then the blimp would lose its steering ability and slows down. In various countries, especially the US, the blimps are the most common type of airships. This is because blimps are easy to construct. Although the size of the blimps is relatively small, they are very convenient to transport as soon as they are deflated. The contemporary style of blimps is overweight as compared to the old blimps.

What Are Inflatable Balloons?
The inflatable balloons are the most common types of balloons. Inflatable means something that can be filled with some gas or air. These balloons can be inflated as well as deflated. The inflatable balloons are made of different material such as nylon fabric, natural latex rubber, dried animal bladders, and polychloroprene. The inflatable balloon is filled with either air or gas; or it can be filled with both with gases being hydrogen, nitrous oxide, helium, etc. The inflated balloons made of latex material are usually used for children’s amusement purpose. On the other hand, balloons made of other material are used for several other practical applications such as military defense, transportation, medical treatment, etc.

By now, you must have got a fair idea of what are blimps and inflatable balloons. Reading this article would also have enhanced your knowledge about the various uses of these blimps and inflated balloons. To find reliable and long lasting blimps and inflated balloons, you need to browse the web. You need to search on the internet for blimps & inflatable balloons in US or any other country.

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