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The landscape surrounding link building and other SEO components is changing every day. Therefore, it is more important than ever to create more and stronger backlinks to your website, especially if you want to taste real online success and popularity. Before going into the details of why creating stronger and higher amounts of backlinks is important, let me first delve deep into what backlinks mean.

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Link building is the process of collecting hyperlinks on other people’s websites that will drive their visitors to your site. A hyperlink is a way in which users on the internet can easily navigate between different web-pages. Hyperlinks are also crucial because search engines like to crawl your pages and these links enable them to do it smoothly. Search engines are known to crawl links that exist in between individual pages of your website, but they also like to crawl the hyperlinks that are present between two different sites, which are called backlinks.

There are many different techniques to build organic backlinks, and each varies in their level of difficulty and methodology. The fact is, link building is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to rank higher on search engines like Google. Every website in the world (and the United Kingdom is no exception), needs more and better backlinks to gain trust between search engines and succeed online. Every SEO freelancer in the UK will remind you how important it is to invest in quality link building to achieve a profitable position for your website.

5 reasons why link building is crucial for SEO

  1. Your website becomes more accessible by search engines. Backlinks help Google to find new web-pages easily and helps in more natural and faster indexing, thereby resulting in better positions, faster.
  2. Your authority will increase against your competitors. Backlinks allow you to increase your authority as Google can determine that your website has more relevant content as opposed to a website with fewer backlinks. The logic is, if reputable and related sites are linking to your website, they must love it, so let’s rank it higher!
  3. Search engines will see your content as more worthy of being promoted. Backlinks allow Google to judge your credibility and thereby promote your content. But this will only work if you are sharing links to relevant websites too while getting backlinks from companies that belong to your respective field of business.
  4. You are more likely to maintain your higher positions. Backlinks allow you to stay on top of the search results. That is very important if you want to come across as a reputable company offering products or services people can trust.
  5. Get more traffic to your website, not only from search engines but from other sources too. Link building also helps you increase the organic traffic to your website, which will increase the chances of achieving higher client conversions.

How I reached the first page of Google in one month!

This website is relatively new, created in April of 2019 when I decided to leave the 9-5 “rat race”. Since then, I have spent countless hours working on it to reach the first page of google.

A significant part of that time was used to build links. That helped me to get on top of Google for my favourite keyword, Freelance Web Designer, with an average of 2400 monthly searches.

SEO Manchester
Explaining the graphic above, I spent March writing the content, April designing the website, May improving the overall on-page SEO and June building links. Google indexed all my backlinks by July and BOOM: jumped from 36 to 343 organic visits by the end of July.
seo freelancer
I can confidently say that building links has helped me to join the competition between the “big boys” in less than one month! I am also confident that these quality and relevant backlinks enabled me to increase the number of keywords that show up my website on top.

My Secret for Fast SEO Results

I don’t think I should call it a secret. The only way I achieved these results in one month was by investing over 5 hours every single day. I had to research my competitors, choose the best websites to get links from, write valuable comments to their blog posts, cross my fingers to be accepted and improve the content inside my landing pages.

In a crowded market, there are only two ways of reaching the top of Google fast with link building:

  1. Work your way up by investing your time in research and valuable content for your users. We call it White-hat SEO, the safe approach.
  2. Buy a ton of backlinks from dream-sellers (probably spammy, low-quality links), go to the top of Google fast and get penalised in a few months. You will then lose everything you achieved with the backlinks and everything you had before that too. This is called Black-hat SEO, a “no-go” zone.

Fast SEO Results Can Be Costly

When you hire someone else to improve your SEO, you are using their time which can be very expensive to get quick results. Sure, you can pay £50/month, which will translate in 2 monthly hours of work if you hire an affordable SEO professional charging £25/hour. You will get the same results as long as the job gets done correctly but not in one month for sure. I would say maybe one year after, or probably more.


Link building has helped me to rank higher and faster on search engines. 

However, I had to spend a vast amount of hours daily on research, content 

creation and blog engagement to achieve better and quicker results. 

If you intend to pay someone to accomplish faster results, be prepared to pay. 

On the other hand, it’s not a bad idea to pay a professional £50/month to start improving your rankings slowly. It’s easier to pay, and your website will grow more than no work at all, plus you can 

expect to be ahead of your competitors in the next few years.

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