What All Can You Know From Your Janam Kundli?

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 If we term life as an ongoing cycle or a Kalachakra, it will not be a hyperbole. There are numerous aspects of human life; the interest of knowing about them is embedded in each and every person. Horoscope is indeed a just medium for all those interested in knowing about life. There is no doubt that there are endless assumptions about the future, but if we get some info about the future beforehand, then this can certainly make life a lot easier. In this blog, we will know what all can be found out from the Kundli and how it can help lead a better life.

What is Kundli?

If we talk about Kundli, then a person's Kundli is the account of his life based on his past life's deeds. If we do good deeds and have also done good deeds in previous lives, then based on them, we will get promising results in this lifetime by the presence of auspicious yogas in our birth chart. On the contrary, the presence of some defects in your birth chart is recorded as a result of evil deeds done in the previous birth. So, in short, we can say that Kundli is a document drafted on the basis of accumulated deeds or karma of your past lives. It is formulated on the basis of the position anddashas of the planets at the time of birth.

How is the Assessment of a Kundli done?

Your desire to have a peep into the future can somewhat be fulfilled with the help of a Kundli. By the way, with the help of Kundli, information about numerous aspects of life can be attained, but mainly it throws light on four aspects. These are Health, finance, career, and Love. In today‚Äôs time, it is not difficult to make a birth chart, but an avid astrologer can only assess the same. The art of properly assessing the horoscope is mainly based on accurate calculations. The more accurate the calculations are, the more precise the predictions will be. According to a discussion between Lord Vishnu and Narad, an able Vedic astrologer the one who has atleast read fifty thousand horoscopes.

How will be your Health as per birth chart?

Health is a basis of a better life. If a person is fully hale and healthy, only then he/ she can lead the life in a better way. The horoscope a person gives a detailed description ofa person's Health. The first and the sixth house of the horoscope tell about Health, and the eighth one tells about the longevity of life. If you go in for an examination of your horoscope by an able astrologer, you can come to know how your health will be and what all you can do to make it even. Knowing about your Health from Kundli helps us to be on our toes in this respect.

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How will be your finance as per horoscope?

Everyone does wish to lead a luxurious and comfortable life. How much success you will get and how your financial situation pan out, all this you can know from your horoscope. Money may not be everything in life, but no one can deny the importance of the same in life. What will be the situation of your sources of income, prosperity, and money, a horoscope plays an important role to tell about all these things. Like every other aspect, there are distinct houses in the horoscope that tell you about finance.

Which career will be suitable for you?

To what extent will you be successful in leading a better life, your career choice becomes a deciding factor. For earning a livelihood, which will be a better option for you among job, profession or a business, you can get the answer to this question with the help of your horoscope. For this, the tenth house of horoscope is mainly examined. Apart from this, sixth and seventh houses and some Yogas are seen in this regard, about which as learned astrologer ads all the knowledge.

How and when will your marriage happen?

Human is social being and lives amid people and relations. Marriage is also no less important aspect of human life. Along with being a social norm, it is also a mutual coming together of two persons. Whether you will have a Love marriage or an arranged one, and when your marriage will happen, you can have an idea about this from your horoscope. Mainly the seventh house of horoscope is seen. This is termed as a house of marriage or partnerships. Apart from this, Jupiter is called the main planet for marriage, because of which the type of marriage and the nature of married life is decided.

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Apart from these four main aspects, there are many more aspects about which your horoscope can tell you. If you have any question in your mind regarding any aspect of life and you have the desire to know about that. In that case, you can book an appointment with the Vedic astrology maven Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. An online or voice report can also be taken. You can get over any sort of confusion and qualms in life by doing this.

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