Wedding Bands as Personal Style Statements

by Donnell Dean Wedding Bands

I am very much aware of the risks involved in the venture which I am proposing. One powerful attack I am inviting is that if there is anything that popular fashion exposes about us modern consumers is that we are subjects who are ‘negatively defined’. To clarify, a negatively defined subjectivity feels a perpetual sense of lack and root for consumer items to fulfill this void in their selfhood. They think that man is always an unfinished project and the path to completion has a lot many things to do with the market.

And the second accusation which presumably would be brought against me is that by positing wedding bands or any fashion item for that matter as personal style statements I am essentially destroying the latter, denying it one of its fundamental characteristics, its self-modifying techniques. A third and no less interesting point can also be raised against me, that by equating personal style with jewelry items like womens gold wedding band, I am obfuscating the fact that fashion is always a social experience.

What would be my defense? I will answer the last issue first and then make my way upwards. This is partly because the last issue raised is very interesting the way I see it and partly because it is also the easiest one to dismantle. My defense would simply state that far from denying the social nature of fashion I actually embrace it and that is why I chipped in the word ‘statements’ while formulating the title. The word underscores a dialogue, a conversation that influences both parties in some way or another.

Moving on, the second accusation also doesn’t hold its ground for too long I think. Far from essential zing human personality, the affinity it shares with the ever-changing world of fashion consumables of various sorts actually allows its fundamental feature, change. Having incorporated vastly different options like womens gold wedding band and mens wedding bands Canada tungsten, the segment of wedding bands jewelry has become one veritable proof of that.

And as far as the first issue is concerned, that today’s subjects of consumerism are ‘negatively defined’ subjects who see themselves as unfinished projects and seek to attain self-actualization by subscribing to the consumerist ethos, I have to admit that I am in schism. On the one hand it is indisputably true that such fallacious thinking is reason enough for our present maladies. On the other hand it is also very much undeniable that many of the cherished aspects of our civilization came to pass because man wasn’t content with his lot. And we must not protest when such a disposition endorses as quotidian a choice as mens wedding bands Canada tungsten because you cannot simply throw out the dirty water to keep the healthy baby.

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