Website Design: What is it & How Important it is

by Ali Zulfiqar SEO EXPERT
Looking for a website design for your business?

Do you know what a good website design looks like? Or even, is a website design any important for your business?

Let me help you with that. Website design is the face of a website and no website can survive without one. But there are over 1 billion sites on the internet, millions of which are active. Among such a staggering number, website design is what makes some sites stand out.

Without further ado, let’s begin with a simple and common question.

What is good website design?

How do you define a good website design (Read More)? Well, there are so many different forms of sites that you just can’t answer this in an absolute fashion.

For example, a blog website needs a design that has more information than the pictures while an e-commerce site needs to have loads of images on the front.

However, we can get a better meaning if we look at this quote by Steve Jobs,

In the end, people will like your design if it works well. It means that the design should be 100% user-friendly. Good website design has all the essentials carefully placed in their respective places.

The competition in this internet age is dreadfully stiff. If your visitors don’t find what they are looking for, they will simply bounce to your competitor. Your website design should be as clear as a crystal. Make it easier for your customers to find what they need.

Why you need a good website design for your business?

Imagine that you need a set of sunglasses, but you want aviators specifically. You go to the search engine and start looking for aviator sunglasses online. You visit the first site which is filled up with sunglasses.

You find sunglasses in red, orange, black, and many more colors. These glasses are all good but since you can’t find your aviators, you hit the back button and visit another online shop.

This is what a poor website design does. Your business can lose potential clients if your design doesn’t help you.

3 Advantages of a website design

First Impression

Your website design is the overall look of your business. Your clients would judge your ability looking at how your website looks.

No one likes a dirt shop and the same is the case with websites. The landing page of your website design is the most important.

A case study in 2012 revealed that websites have the first 8 seconds to impress any visitor. This time includes the site’s loading speed as well. Here is where the website design plays its most important role.

If the landing page breathes a professional air it captures the eyes of the visitor. If your design manages to build trust in the visitor, he or she develops an interest in browsing your website more. And the chances of turning into a potential client skyrocket.


Due to the sharp increase in the online scams, people have upped their guards. This is true not only for the websites but for any online store.

Social media marketing of any online store targets building authenticity in the first phase. It is become a headache to make the people trust you.

Techniques such as customer care help only when you manage to catch a customer. Before that, your website design is what helps your website. It should have all the necessary information smartly visible to help visitors trust you.

People are unwilling to put their money anywhere. Until and unless they believe you, to be honest, they will not buy. Get a website design that is authentic as a government website.

Boosts Branding

Your website design is a large part of your branding strategy. (Branding Interlink) How can you brag about your product if your store doesn’t look amazing?

Your branding starts only if you manage to create a place that deserves to brag about its products or services. People will always judge a book by its cover and in your case, it is your website design.

How can they trust you to deliver a spectacular service if they think that you can’t make a good site for yourself?

Build an amazing website design if you want to boost your sales and establish as a brand in the internet market. 

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