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by Ibrahim Anwar - Web Development Company - Afford

Win Customers if You Do Reduce Customers if You Do not

Do you run an e-commerce website? If you do, you definitely must know this:


Following a HubSpot market research on website speed, 50% of desktop/notebook Users give up sites in 2 sec, slightly more patient: they give you 3-4 seconds.

Moreover, remember: followers are unpredictable. If your website performance slows, user's retention slips. Several situation research has shown that enhanced performance completely affects Web Development Company objectives.

Two examples showing that minimizing download time improves business:

Pinterest achieved a 15% sign-up improve from Google Search results after reducing understood wait time by 40%.

Everything experienced a 12% sales progress as soon as they minimized obtain time by 50 %.

Conversion process reduces as download time increases.

A fast web has effects on e-commerce tremendously. Websites with download times under 2.4 seconds enjoy the highest conversion rate (1.7%).

Just think about the results of the one-second rise in download:

  • 80% conversion decrease
  • 66% increased bounce rate
  • 4.3% loss of profits per visitor

Conversion is not the only issue with slow sites. They are not probably to attract repeat clients: 76% of shoppers say they are not likely to buy from the same slow website again.

Google, too, frowns upon and "punishes" slowly websites with AMP Algorithm: every additional second of download costs a 12% loss of website views and lowers SEO ranking. Consequently, no matter how hard you try investing in Digital marketing promotion, you lose potential customers to e-commerce sites who do regular performance testing and keep their website downloads speeds fast.

You must be 100% sure marketing is as swiftly and reactive as possible. The cost of a second chance is too high-or even not possible. Think about your car: if you buy a new car and never do servicing on it, it will gradually don't succeed and fail. Same is true of your website.

  • What does functionality testing emphasis on?

Performance testing allows maintaining your E-Commerce company solution available for every user-all sufficient time.

Think about this: Everything can run well when there are a few users...but...

  • What happens when many users execute simultaneously?
  • What happens during maximum loads?
  • How challenging can user workloads develop before the server goes down?
  • What happens then?

Web Development Company Performance testing provides information regarding Web Design/app speed, balance, and scalability under pre-determined workloads.

This is how a landing page seems to be on a user device and what problems could stop your promotion from the immediate response:

  • Web Development Company Performance testing objectives have the following goals:

Check performance requirements and make a test plan on them.

Determine server reaction time of a given node and compare it to the response time of another node.

  • Check out response time of the render.

Figure out throughput functionality and transaction time.

QA experts can figure out how long an app or a website needs to receive a request, process it, and return information to the user.

In general, Web Development Company features testing includes six kinds of pursuits targeted at different goals:

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