Ways to Identify and Fix Damaged Hair

by agha raza agha

Hair damage is something that we all experienced in our lives.  Hair problems have become very common due to reasons like heredity, DHT, and hormonal imbalance. You are blessed and lucky if you have natural thicker, stronger, and shinier hair. Dry roots split ends, and dull hair are the early signs of hair damage. Although you have thick hair, the dullness and dryness in your hair affect your overall physical appearance to an extent. For example, being unable to preserve your hairstyle is extremely frustrating just because you have a frizzy hair type.

Hair damage is not a part of the hair growth life cycle but it occurs due to poor hygienic conditions. It is crucially essential to identify the actual cause of your hair damage. The best way to find the main culprit of your dull locks is to reconsider your hair care regimen. However, the following are some of the actual causes of split ends and dull locks:   

·         Hair Colors

Hair colors contain chemicals that can affect your hair health to a great extent. You may have noticed the formation of split ends after a certain duration of hair coloring. Harsh chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide damage your hair health and cause scalp irritations.

·         Over Washing

Washing your mane too often extracts natural moisture from your locks and make it appear extremely dull. The natural oils present in your scalp and hair gets removed by over washing. As a result of which your hair lose its natural PH and appear brittle, and fragile. 

·         Excessive Hair Styling

The use of hairstyling tools like a straightener, blow dryer, and curling iron is very harmful to your hair health. The excessive use of heat styling tools can also cause scalp sensitivities and itching.

Off course, you can get your lively looking hair back with a little bit more care and love. All you have to do is maintaining a healthy hair care regimen. Here are some tips that improve your hair health and help you to attain a luminous and gorgeous hair appearance:

·         Say No to Sulfates and Parabens

Products with chemicals like sulfates, silicones, and parabens are extremely harmful to your locks. These chemicals are actually surfactant which disturbs the PH of your scalp by making it dry. It is suggested to read the labels of the products before purchasing or you can use Olaplex Shampoo for a mild and better cleansing.

·         Trim your Dead Ends

Cutting your split ends not only makes you look healthier but it also improves your hair growth life cycle. It is suggested to have a regular appointment with your hairstylist for a perfect trimming.

·         Conditioner Is Your Friend

Less conditioning means dull locks. Usually, people don’t consider the conditioner on a regular basis. It is important to nourish your locks with Olaplex Conditioner, it not only makes your hair soft but also make it shiner and silky. 

·         Choose Hair Colors Wisely

The presence of chemicals in your hair color greatly affects your hair health. No matter how expensive hair color you use there is always a possibility of hair damage. To cope with this issue, you can neutralize the harmful effect of hair colors with the use of Olaplex Hair Perfector

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