Ways to Check Different Noises of a Failing Hard Drive

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Storage devices like hard disk drives are susceptible to failure and damages. As a result, it can suffer data loss. Though, identifying signs of physical failure would be effective to prevent hard drive data loss. 

Usually, when a hard drive fails, it makes different noises that can be identified before the data becomes inaccessible. However, identifying the different noises from a failing hard drive can be an arduous task. 

Here are the practical ways to consider when a failing hard drive makes noises. 

Different Types of Noises you will Usually Hear when

 1. Computer boots

You must have usually heard some noises from the computer when it boots up. It is because the computer hard disk is spinning fast that it makes a whirring sound. 

2. The hard drive head moves back and forth

When a hard drive head moves back and forth across the platter to read data, it may make noises in irregular intervals of 4-5 seconds which is normal. 

3. Shut down the computer or put on sleep mode

Hard drives can also make a clicking noise when you shut down or enable sleep mode on the system. The drive makes noise during the standby mode, which is ordinary for a system. 

Uncommon Noises that you can Identify when a Hard Drive Fails

Abnormal behaviors of your computer system can result from the failing hard drive, which may make strange noises. Be alert when your system behaves in such ways.

  • Computer freeze 
  • System crash
  • Hard drive unrecognized by BIOS

Unusual noises that you may hear from a Failing Hard Disk Drive

1. Regular clicking noise

Other than computer boot up or system shut down, you can hear regular clicking noises from the hard drive. It can be a sign of a head crash. 

2. Scratching or grinding noise

You can hear the scratching of grinding noise when the motor has failed, and the head is in close contact with the disk platter. 

3. uncommon vibration sounds

A failing hard drive can also make uncommon vibration sounds that can be frightening. 

Final words

Why choose Techchef when your Hard Drive Fails 

Losing data abruptly can be frustrating, but you can protect it by identifying the unusual failing hard drive noises. The only challenge that you face can be distinguishing between different noises a computer makes while doing activities. With this article, you will find it easy to know what noise is not familiar and needs assistance to protect your precious data. 

Why choose Techchef when your Hard Drive Fails

Techchef is one of the leading data recovery company in India that offers a wide range of solutions for hard drive data recovery. Whether data loss occurred due to a corrupted, damaged, or a failed hard drive, you can always expect the best solutions with the highest accuracy rate and 100% protection. With the highest accuracy, 100% safety and up to 100% recovery success rates, you are welcome to experience the best data recovery service experience. 

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