Ways to boost your sales through the packaging!

by Sujeet K. Digital Marketer

Are you not able to see a boost in your sales even after applying the best of digital marketing strategies? Do your products look outdated? Sometimes even the fiercest marketing strategies fail to bring about a change in the statistics of sales. And that is when you need to sit with your product and identify the problem. It could be as simple as the packaging of the product!

Product packaging plays a big role in the way that customers perceive the product to be. In this highly competitive world, it only makes sense to make your product stand out in every respect. The product being the representation of your brand needs extra attention when it comes to affecting sales. Here are some ways to boost your sales through the packaging!

Style your product again!

The market evolves with time. And the introduction of new brands with their new products is always going to push off the space of your product on the shelves. The older packaging might be something that is trusted by the customers, but the new packaging styles emerging every day add to their excitement and evolution. And so it is essential to every now and then shifts your product packaging style as per the market trends. Rather than sticking to the old style of packaging consider how to better present your product or provide it to your customers with additional benefits.

Customized Gift Boxes

For a unique unboxing experience and joyful gifting styles, the customers get a truly new brand experience. Think of a uniquely crafted gift box which has some of the quality products from the brand catering to one need. For example – A skincare brand can create customized gift boxes that have the whole skincare regime for a particular skin type in the box. It becomes convenient to buy and really exciting to unfold it. With a flap system or cover up boxes, the details of bows, frills, soothing colors, etc capture the customer attention and give them a new experience with your regular products. Customized gift boxes will add a whole lot of reasons for a boost in sales.

Special Edition packaging

Every customer wants something special from their brand. To boost your sales, bank on the idea of treating your customers regally with ‘Special Edition Packaging’. Be it the introduction of a new product or just curating the existing ones, special edition or limited edition becomes a favorite pick. These packaging with the right details, celebrity signatures, additional benefits, etc make the customers want it. For example, cosmetic brands always come up with curated collection by popular celebrities to make the product more appealing and reliable to the customers. In this line, the packaging is given a while new avatar with luxe feels. Limited Editions/Special Editions tend to give an instant boost in sales because of its ‘limited’ tag.

Meet the trends

The world is shifting to a more sustainable style of living. And in this change, the market has evolved into making their products suit the environmental needs. Product packaging in cardboard boxes, glass jars, paper boxes, cotton pouches, etc is hitting the shelves rampantly. If your product isn’t driven by this change the environmentally-aware customers might not favor by buying your products. Meeting the changing trends becomes an absolute necessity for promoting your products and boosting sales. Shift your product packaging to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly one to see a vast change in the turnover.

Add value to the packaging

Customers love receiving products with packaging that adds value to their experience. Imaging ordering for 6 beers pack and receiving a couple of coasters, can opener and a snack to munch on too. This add-on of the experience can really favor the customers into ordering for specific brands. With the right style of packaging try adding on to some side treats that can bring excitement and joy to the customers. When the customers are able to get a wholesome experience with the product, the chances of them favoring the product goes high. These free treats become a marketing strategy with an initiative that increases sales to a great deal.

Bundle up products with unique packaging

Choose to craft bundled up packaging for the range of your products to offer a wholesome experience for the customers. For example, skincare brands prefer to sell a pack of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer in a special pack rather than just a single pack of face wash. Bundling up products bring out the best results for the customers as they use the products meant to be used together. And rather than selling just one product, the brand is able to sell 3 or 4 at a time. It helps in increasing the sales not only in the number of products but revenue wise too. For the customers, it becomes the best experience of the brand products leading to their reliability, cheap deals and complete care in a single buy.

New offers with new packaging

Introduce new products with new offers and packaging every time. Designing exclusive packaging for some set of products to create excitement amongst the customers! Remarket old products with new offers for the customers to enjoy the exclusive deals in lesser the price they pay for usually. The new line of packaging feels like a fresh new addition with a promise to make for a new experience of the same old brand. As a result, a number of customers sign up for the exciting new product and give it a chance.  It treats them with low prices as well as something new to enjoy. When brands offer the same products with some exclusive offers and renewed style – it works like a new launch taking attention from all verges of the market.

Increasing sales can sometimes be as simple as giving a new face to the brand or changing the style the products are packaged for use. With new trends emerging every now and then, customers look for new experiences. A brand that crafts an exciting experience for the customers enjoys a boost in sales!

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