Walsun Fingerprint Lock in CeBIT Exhibition

by Evan Nasseri Seo Expert


The first day of the CeBIT Hannover exhibition in Germany in 2018, the exhibition was only open to participants and reporters, very fortunate to be able to visit and experience the new creativity brought by technological innovation. Please reference the following article to experience the innovative technology brought by these creative dreamers.

First of all, a big logo with “CEBIT” will be seen in the front of the hall of the entire exhibition, made people couldn't wait to enter the hall and find out. Companies and groups from all over the world, from different countries and regions, have gathered here. What kind of commercial sparks will they collide with? How about this year's electronic products? What kind of novelty story did it has? Let's take a look.

Every booth had its unique style. There was a not bad booth attracted some people to stop, from displayed pictures and related textual descriptions, it is related to locks, belongs to consumer electronics. The products looked very delicate and solid, when picked up a lock with a logo of “FIPILOCK”and watched, and a detailed introduction will be given immediately by the staff. According to visit to the person in charge of the booth, learned that they are a Chinese company that defined as a professional fingerprint lock manufacturer and fingerprint solution provider.They have always been committed to creating smart portable fingerprint products. After years of research and development, Walsun has its own special product lines, such as Fingerprint padlocks, Embedded fingerprint locks, Bluetooth locks, U-type bicycle locks, TSA locks, etc. .The product line is still very broad, and it was said that it is still increasing. Become the most popular electronic product manufacturer for consumers around worldwide is their biggest goal.

When asked the advantages of fingerprint products,the related person said that, “for the current consumers encountered problems in the use of various locks, such as traditional key locks easily lost or forgotten or be copied, password locks easily cracked or forgotten. Like Bluetooth locks need to use mobile phones, if there is no mobile phone, Bluetooth function will not exist. After a comprehensive analysis of these issues, the fingerprint lock can avoid the above problems while being convenient, so the ultimate return to the fingerprint is the most reliable. Such a lock created by fingerprints technology, no key or password, low power consumption design with long standby time, and fingerprint lock can fully realize the use of one machine multiple for indoor and outdoor different scenes. For example, when in outdoor, the padlock can be used in luggage bag or the backpack. Or home cabinets, doors, drawer, schools, gym lockers, etc., it can all warmly guard”.

Different models definitely have different research priorities. For the FL-S1, S2, and S3 series fingerprint padlocks, except different appearance, no need to carry keys or remember passwords, and only simple fingerprints operated .The high quickness, portability, convenience and versatility are the most important features. If have them, you don't have to worry about keyless moments, and if people don't need it at a moment, its compact size allows you to easily store it. Outdoor life more simple.

For customized embedded series, customers can completely customize according to their own needs. The show was the FL-B1 embedded jewelry box type and FL-B2 embedded luggage backpack type. Most people will have jewelry boxes or other items that contain precious jewelry items. In general, small padlocks are more commonly used types,but people will also worry about how to safely place keys, how to design a high-security password, or don't find keys or forget passwords for a long time. The most important thing is that the operation is more troublesome. For example, if somebody want to show to friends and relatives, they must find the key to unlock or may need to check the password several times to unlocking. The fingerprint locks of the FL-B1 jewelry box fingerprint lock start from solving these puzzles. Firstly, operation is simple and convenient. After registering,every time the fingerprints can touch to unlock directly, which is efficient and quick. Followed by fingerprints will always be with people, stable and reliable, and higher security. Thirdly, emergency key will also be configured , so that people do not have to worry about the moment that cannot registering other fingerprints.For example, when people are out,other people can use the spare key as urgently use. Two open methods, more intimate.

FL-B2 is mainly for the luggage bag. Apart from the advantages of efficient, convenient, the more important thing is simple self-installation design. After being installed, it can be changed to a high-end security backpack or suitcase in seconds. No need to change a new one, and at low cost, consumers can easily turn on smart opening without having to carry a padlock each time.

FL-P4Pro Bluetooth lock, that is, except fingerprint features and advantage, it increases Bluetooth function, through Bluetooth to registering fingerprint, reset padlock. Of course, it also provide Anti-lost function. People can freely choose one of their favorite opening methods.

Compared with traditional bike lock, except key unlock FL-U9 bike lock with hi-tech fingerprint technology. The u type appearance design, enhanced security for your bike/bicycle, mountain bike, motorcycle, electronic bike. Of course, as office/shop glass door lock, it is also very safe.  

TSA travel fingerprint lock, has 2 type, portable padlock and embedded lock, you can choose carry a small padlock or a embedded lock based on your preference.In a word, it only for registering fingerprints,all operation are more simple then old lock or password lock. Secondly, with TSA logo and function, international travel can also be used; don’t worried about being damaged by the customs.

In addition to the above are classical type from Fipilock fingerprint lock, of course, you can also propose your unique innovate ideas, as a professional fingerprint solution provider, Fipilock will be pleasure to work with your to achieve them.

Fipilock is really a highly recommended product, almost anyone who sees or experiences it will like it.Take the feelings of some customers as examples, for example, people thought that the experiential unlocking function was a very nice point, they could operate the locks directly without registering finger, product experience was pretty nice. Another profound impression is constantly pursue the concept of innovation, the classification and rich functionality of the product; they can fully meet the different needs of different consumers. As a customer said, “Fipilock let them look forward to what they want”.

After the introduction of products, is it a great interest? Don’t want to experience it? Welcome to browse website to learn more details information and contact them.

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