Walnut Veneer and Birch Plywood for Use in High-End Applications and Projects

by Matilda Veneer Manager

Wood veneering is a common practice in furniture and fixture making. Many items of furniture, flooring, ceiling, doors, and panelling in both workplaces and public places use walnut veneers and birch plywood to strengthen the wood, improve flexibility and provide protection against cracking and warping in humid and hot conditions. Walnut trees grow slowly to about 25 m in height, contain a hardwood wrinkled shell and have a green leathery husk.

Walnut is used in various woodworking projects due to its many unique features. This exotic wood displays a rich colour that varies depending upon the particular walnut species used in the manufacturing of walnut veneer. Walnut veneer is mostly used in decorative panels due to its incredibly eye-catching look. You may also find walnut veneer in inlaid panels as this warm coloured timber lends a homely feel while creating a contemporary, elegant impression. Walnut veneer is also used in dining tables as the timber is hard-wearing and can withstand everyday wear and tear. It is also resistant to biodegradation and cleaning chemicals.

Various veneer varieties to choose from

Australian walnut veneer is best quarter cut. This long-lived, deciduous tree is most familiar to Australia. You may see Queensland walnut veneer in shop and office fixtures, turnery, decorative furniture, and acoustic guitar backs and sides, as well as architectural panels. It features interlocked to wavy grain with a beautiful block mottle figure.

European walnut is a heartwood tree that features lighter coloured wood compared to its American counterpart. Not common in the wild, it is mostly grown in southern Europe for fruits. The shades of European walnut veneer will vary depending upon where the trees are grown. It is one of the most versatile of all walnut varieties, with a range of cuts and finishes possible.

Cutting wood to prominently display knots and patterns

Projects using wood with lots of knots or burls is beautiful when it’s been cut into a thin walnut veneer and polished. Walnut veneer and birch plywood, with burr and curls, look particularly appealing to those who want only one-of-a-kind product for their applications. Burr walnut veneer comes from natural growths in the tree and some root material. The wood log can be cut in a manner that prominently displays closely clustered buds and knots within a swirling pattern, to provide a unique look to your projects utilising walnut veneer and birch plywood.

American walnut veneer tends to come from larger logs that produce a high quantity of consistent and affordable veneer. It may also include exotic burry wood which is largely obtained from nut producing trees.

What makes birch plywood a popular choice?

Birch plywood is a popular choice for a wide range of woodworking projects due to its cross-banded layers of veneers. It is much more resistant to warping and bowing than many other plywoods. Its void-free core means the screws bite well and hold firmly in the birch plywood, thus making it a great choice for long-term use. Birch plywood has an elegance to it, thanks to its smooth and pale finish which provides it a beautiful sheen. Birch plywood can be shaped, sanded, and finished, saving both time and material. Birch plywood also looks just as aesthetically pleasing with little effort required for finishing.

Birch plywood is considered as one of the safest woods, and hence popularly used for creating children’s toys and playground equipment as there are no jagged edges and knots. Birch plywood is also perfect for home furnishings as it has a nice, rich sheen that provides the end product an elegant finish. Birch Plywood is also available in Laser Grade at Matilda Veneer, with consistent density.

Get the best quality walnut veneer and birch plywood varieties

Matilda Veneer offers a range of the best quality walnut veneer and birch plywood products that offer an environment-friendly option for utilising slow-growing hardwoods, saving on precious natural resources and exotic hardwood varieties, and allows forests to replenish. Besides walnut veneer and birch plywood, Matilda Veneer also offers plywood and veneers from other exotic wood varieties, such as Mahogany, Oak and Maple. Using Matilda Veneer’s walnut veneer and birch plywood instead of solid wood means that there is a lesser number of trees to be cut, so less strain on our precious resources. Matilda Veneer offers all types of exotic wood plywood and veneer varieties including walnut veneer and birch plywood for specialised high-end applications, such as elegant interiors and bespoke kitchens.

Closely working with you for custom creations

Matilda Veneer works closely with interior designers, manufacturers, joiners, cabinet makers and structural designers to help them create exceptional projects made with the best-quality birch plywood and walnut veneers.

Matilda Veneer uses best practices in walnut veneer and birch plywood construction, storage and transportation, so you can be assured of getting the best quality products. Matilda Veneer has the expertise to provide pattern matching and finishing for projects utilising birch plywood and walnut veneer. Note that being a natural product, patterns and colour shown in images of walnut veneer and birch plywood may vary. If you need a specific pattern or design for your DIY or other projects, please speak to Matilda Veneer.

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