Volvo Penta Engine Operator Manual

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Volvo Penta Engine Operator Manual




Volvo Penta Engines

This Operator's Manual covers the industrial engines: 4 cylinders TD520GE, TAD530GE, TAD531GE and TAD532GE. 6 cylinders TAD620VE, TAD730GE, TAD731GE, TAD732GE, TAD720VE and TAD721VE of Volvo Penta Engine.


The engines are four-stroke, direct injection in-line diesel engines with replaceable wet cylinder liners (except TAD620VE, which has dry liners).


The engines are fitted with turbochargers, piston cooling and a water-cooled charge air cooler that reduces the temperature of inlet air to provide a greater mass of air to the cylinders. This makes greater engine output possible at the same time as combustion and exhaust temperatures can be maintained at suitable levels. Also, NOx emissions are reduced.


To facilitate start and reduce exhaust emissions in cold weather, the engines are fitted with electric intake air heaters (exceptions TAD520GE and TAD720VE).


Instruments and Controls

This chapter describes the instrument box and the instrumentation in Volvo Pentas range. Variations in the appearance of instrumentation may occur in certain applications (mobile for example). If this is the case, see the Instruction Manual for the relevant application.




If the instrument box does not have an ignition switch, the engine/operator compartment must have a lock to prevent unauthorised persons starting the engine. (Alternatively a lockable main switch can be used.)


Instrument box


1. Oil pressure gauge. Normally within the green field (300500 kPa).


2. Warning lamp: Low engine coolant level (accessory)


3. Engine coolant temperature gauge. Normally within the green field (7095°C).


4. Warning lamp: High engine coolant temperature (accessory)


5. Tachometer


6. Operating hour counter


7. Starter button


8. Warning lamp: Generator not charging


9. Interlock: Press in the button to disengage the automatic stop for low oil pressure and to activate preheating.


10. Warning lamp: Low oil pressure (accessory)


11. Stop button


12. Semi-automatic fuses: Reset by pressing the button on the fuse.


Before Starting

Check that the oil level is between the MIN and MAX marks. For filling refer to Oil level, checking and topping up.


Open the fuel cocks.


Check that there are no coolant, fuel or oil leaks.


Check the air filter pressure drop indicator. Please refer to Engine, General.


Check coolant level. Check that the outside of the radiator is not clogged. Please refer to Coolant Level, Checking and Topping Up, and Charge Air Cooler, External Cleaning.




Do not open the coolant filler cap when the engine is hot, except in emergencies as this could cause serious personal injury. Steam or hot fluid could spray out.


Turn the main switch on.


IMPORTANT: Never break the circuit with the main switch while the engine is running.


Alternator and electronics could be damaged.


Set the engine speed control to idle. Disengage the disengageable clutch/transmission.


Starting the Engine

1. Press the Interlock button(1) and check that the warning lamps in the instrument box are functioning. (This applies to engines equipped with alarm separators).



2. If the engine is hot: Press the Interlock button(1) and hold it in while pressing the Starter button (2). If the engine is cold: Press the Interlock button (1) and hold it in for approximately 50 seconds to preheat the engine. Then press the Start button(2) as well.



3. Release the Start button immediately when the engine starts. However the Interlock button must be held down for a further 5 seconds approximately. This is to allow the oil pressure to reach the correct level. Otherwise the automatic stop will engage and stop the engine.


NOTICE! In extreme cold, the preheating can be re-engaged for a few minutes after start if necessary. Hold the Interlock button (1) pressed in.




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