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Although the 'tools' or the brain cells are already fashioned at birth, solely after gaining expertise will we have a tendency to see the generation of neurons' inter-connections.Vito Brain As Aristotle and subsequent supporters of his theory were not aware about recent genetic discoveries, the tabula rasa theory may not be applicable or accepted as a deterministic valid concept. Nowadays it's believed that a child's cerebral cortex is pre-programmed to enable the processing of sensory input, emotions and environmental stimulations.The author will not support the tabula-rasa theory and he believes that there are genetically transferred knowledge or imprints. Those genetic imprints may have a transparent impact and influence on the kid's behaviour and even on its brain's ability to method and store data.

In future we tend to might expertise direct brain-to-brain transmission the same as telepathy. Telepathy derives from the Greek ('distant expertise') and it is a quite mental transfer from one brain to another. As it is not a clearly reproducible phenomenon, the scientific community has not reached consensus. Telepathy is well accepted, but, albeit largely used in science fiction. As several science fiction situations became reality in time, however, the author believes that some brain-to-brain communication will be potential in future. Neuro-imaging is one of the scientific areas where this type of communication is being researched and fascinating results are anticipated.

The conclusion is that instructional ways must correspond and comply with our brain function and its ability to store information and not on a dogmatic rigorous unified system as exemplified in most colleges.We have a tendency to use the word time directly and indirectly very typically in our daily conversation and throughout our lifetime: time is money, time of life, time after time, between times, gain/lose time, good/bad time, slow/quick time, right/wrong time, before/when time, present time, diversion, real time, on time, in no time, kill time, any time, every time, plenty of time, timeless, limit, time cycle, time cures and time flies... Time is depicted by artists in numerous ways, among them the famous 'melting clocks' by Dali. We have a tendency to can distinguish between pure time, relative time and absolute time.

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