Vinyl Car Wrapping: Know The Process Step by Step

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Vinyl wraps always help to protect cars from scratches and outside elements. They are very easy to install. Some simple steps are needed only.

Vinyl wrapping helps to protect your car from scratches and also it gives an extraordinary look to your car. This is very easy to install. If you are interested to wrap your car with the high-quality vinyl then follow the steps carefully.

Common tools used for vinyl wrapping:

    • Heat Gun
    • Squeegee
    • Cutting Tape
    • Knife
    • Cleaning Solution
    • Gloves
    • Measuring Tape
                                    Vinyl Wrapping

Step 1: Clean the car
Before stating the vinyl wrapping operation, you need to clean the car properly. Undoubtedly, this is the most vital step of the project. You should make your car free from dust, dirt, debris and other stains. For proper cleaning, you should use a pressure washing technique. All dust and debris can be easily removed by this technique. Apart from that, you can also use a degreaser for eliminating any other residue. Always remember, vinyl wraps always work on the clean surfaces. So, the body of your car must be cleaned properly.

Step 2: Measure the surface length
Once the cleaning process has done properly, you need to start measuring the vinyl wraps. You should measure them properly and apply them from one corner of your car. According to the vinyl wrapping experts, you should start the wrapping process from the quarter-panel. Remember, cut the piece which is approximately 5 inches longer & wider than the quarter-panel. Vinyl wrap generally comes in a roll (60 inches) and the standard length of this roll is 5 feet. 

Step 3: Apply the vinyl on the surface
Now, it’s time to apply the measured vinyl pieces. However, before starting the operation, you need to check the car surface again. If you found any remaining residue then remove it immediately. Double checks give you a more accurate result. After the inspection, you should start applying the vinyl wraps by using the squeegee. Hold it at the 45 degrees and press down the wraps by giving a certain amount of pressure properly. You need to do the entire process very slowly and neatly. After that, you find any kind of imperfection like vinyl bubbles then hold the vinyl up and apply heat by using a heat gun. It helps to remove all the bubbles permanently. 

Step 4: Cut the extra wraps
Now the wrapping process is almost done. In this step, you just need to cut the extra pieces of vinyl wraps by using a knife. You should cut them properly for avoiding any kind of damage. According to the experts, X-acto knives are ideal to cut the extra wraps. 

Now, you have understood, how much easier to install it in your car. However, if you want to install it professionally then you should choose a reliable and cost-effective vinyl car wrapping services.

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