Vibration Testing of Automotive Parts Testing Laboratory in India

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Car industries are one of India's fastest-growing industries. There is also a growing requirement for performance products. Disposal of automotive components not only jeopardizes life and assets but threatens the credibility of a company. There is no space for malfunctions in an increasingly dynamic sector; the device parts should work correctly to ensure safety throughout the life cycle of the vehicle. To increase product quality and cope with the request, URS launched automotive inspection facilities, by the National and International Protocol to provide credible and effective test facilities to esteemed customers. URS provides a full alternative for car experimentation, from electrical/mechanical security monitoring through environmental experimentation to ensuring that car goods are secure and reliable.

URS Products & Testing Lab is an advanced testing laboratory, integrated into the modern automotive, electronics, IT, audio-video, lighting, lighting, electrical domestic, components & equipment sections.


URS offers an automatic atmosphere monitoring alternatives for electrical and mechanical safety monitoring to guarantee that consumer performance criteria are verifiable. This includes distinct inspection atmosphere and parameters. Service for the environment on a look:

·         Thermal Shock/Mechanical Shock

·         Salt Spray Test

·         Cold And Dry Heat Tests

·         Damp Heat (Cyclic) Test

·         Thermal Shock Test

·         Dust Test

·         IP Testing

·         Thermal Aging

·         Humidity Conditioning


The Vibration Test reproduces Vibration Environment to expose and verify products in real-world vibration apps. The URS laboratory has a URS vibration test facility with 5 Hz–3200 Hz frequency range and 38 mm (p-p) displacement and 90 g acceleration of up to 1500kgf Sine, 1500kgf random and 3000kgf shock force rating. The system supported by a horizontal slip table and vertical load support can efficiently run x, y and z.


The URS is the acknowledged Automotive Supply Chain Audit and Certification Certification Agency for IATF 16949 clients. URS has an auto history, lengthy and flexible auditing knowledge with IATF auditors.

·        IATF 16949:2016 Internal Auditor Training

·        ISO TS 16949 Certification

·        Accreditation for Management Systems Certification.


Under the Electrical & Electronics Test Lab, URS Lab offers a full variety of exam equipment. Automotive testing is the validation method of parts and cars according to national and international requirements. Under the IEC / EN / IS / JIS / ISO / ASTM standards and customer specifications, URS is one of the best testers solutions for the electrics/electronics components.

·        Lithium-ion Battery

·        Electric motor

·        Ageing Test

·        Mobile Chargers used in Vehicles

·        Music System used in Vehicles

·        Amplifiers Used in Vehicles

·        Sensors used in Vehicles

·        Cameras used in Vehicles

·        Display unit used in vehicles


Matrix Test Labs (MTL)

Matrix Test Labs is a leading supplier of electronics and electrical products testing. Matrix sample laboratories (MTL) are recognized by the Government of India, Ministry of Electronics and IT (Meity) as one of the best-in-class ISO / IEC 17025 NABL & BIS accredited sample labs on goods listed in CRS I, II & III under the "Requirements to Enrolment in Compulsory Goods" Regulations. MTL is a trained, devoted group of staff and has state-of-the-art customer service infrastructure.


Quality Objectives:

1. Operate and retain an internationally approved Quality System (ISO / IEC 17025).

2. Seek accreditation and increase the accreditation range as determined in an annual business plan.

3. Attain company objectives. Attain company objectives.

4. To create and improve business legitimacy, seriously track and behave on any client problems.

5. The leadership scheme strives to continuously enhance its efficiency by making use of possibilities such as inner audits, customer complaint review, and feedback, allowing for preventive measures where necessary, and assessing the quality of QMS results through planned leadership reviews.



The car industry is one of India's fastest-growing industries. There is also a growing requirement for price and performance job in-car products. Dismissal of car components not only jeopardizes life and property; they also damage the excellent credibility of a company. There is no space for malfunction in an extremely dynamic sector; all device elements should work correctly to ensure security for the full lifespan of the car. MATRIX TEST LAB started automotive inspection facilities to deliver credible and cost-effective inspection facilities to esteemed customers, according to the national and international requirements, to enhance the product quality and cope with supply. Therefore, we offer car inspection facilities here at MATRIX TEST LAB Badli so that the car production is always in excellent shape and that businesses generate high-quality components.

The State-of-Art Testing Laboratory is an integrated state-of-the-art testing laboratory, integrated into modern technologies for the automotive, electronics, IT products, audio-video equipment.



To guarantee that the item performance criteria can be checked, MATRIX TEST LAB offers automotive environmental tests alternatives to various test environments and parameters.

Environment service at a glance:

·         Thermal Shock

·         Salt Spray Test

·         Cold Test

·         Dry Heat Tests

·         Damp Heat (Cyclic) Test

·         Damp Heat (Steady-state storage) Test

·         Thermal Shock Test

·         Dust Test

·         IP Testing

·         Thermal Ageing

·         Humidity Conditioning


In order to expose products in actual use vibration apps and verify the features of these products, vibration tests are performed to replicate vibration environments MATRIX TEST LAB have Vibrating plant with 5 Hz–3200 Hz, 38mm(p-p) expansion rates, 90 grams accelerated up to 1500 kg of Sinus, 1500kgf random and 3000 kg shock force rating. The scheme with inverted drop panel and vertical load-assist allows the efficient running of x, y and z directions.


MATRIX TEST LAB offers a full variety of Electrical & Electronics Test Lab screening equipment. Automotive testing is a validation method for parts and cars by national and international requirements. URS has IEC / EN / IS / JIS / ISO / ASTM Standards & Customer Specification specialized labs to evaluate components.

·         Lithium-ion Battery

·         Electric motor

·         Ageing Test

·         Mobile Chargers used in Vehicles

·         Music System used in Vehicles

·         Amplifiers Used in Vehicles

·         Sensors used in Vehicles

·         Cameras used in Vehicles

·         Display unit used in vehicles


Truck Rear Axle Endurance Testing Services

Established as a test rig, material handling pallet, machine boxes and frames, a Canopy machine, hydraulic jackets, hydraulic cylinder, and Impulse fatigue testing machine, etc., in the year 2009, NB Technologies has achieved incomparable success. They also provide our customers with easy manufacturing services, testing services, calibration services, and pump repair services.

They are one of the industry's most prominent brands that offer endurance testing services to the truck rear axle. These credible facilities are provided by our skilled experts because of their feasibility and budget. The sophisticated technology-based machinery and instruments provide inspection facilities.

Matrix Test Labs Automotive Component Testing Service:

Matrix Test Labs are a trustworthy service provider who offers our clients testing services. These include: laptop and notebook safety testing, tablets safety testing services, LED lamp testing, Automotive testing service, CCTV camera testing service, BIS testing services, battery testing service, Electrical testing service. Material Testing Services BIS Certification services are also included. The services provided are conceptualized using a customer-driven approach to provide our employers with extreme pleasure. The wide range of services offered is delivered in obedience to the quality constraints of our very skilled experts in this particular field.

Product Description:

With the support of competent professionals, we are specialists in the testing of automotive parts. Due to their prompt closure, these facilities are extremely valued in the industry. Our experts make use of sophisticated technology to provide our services. The facilities offered are provided in various ways and conditions which fulfil customer requirements.

Global Environment and Mining Automobile Muffler Noise Testing Service:

Global Environment and Mining Services-Car Muffler Noise Testing Service Provider, business choices and strategic planning, engineering, research and experimental industries in Hospet, Karnataka.

GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT & MINING SERVICES is designed by PROFESSIONALS with a powerful, extremely qualified mining engineering squad with more than twenty-seven years of expertise. It is also designed for fresh concepts. With a deeper dedication to safety, the environment and society, we hire an eager and skilled employees with distinctive abilities to rapidly set flawless standards for "friendly" sustainable growth mining operations.

SIGMA TEST & RESEARCH CENTRE Automotive Part Testing Service:

SIGMA TEST & RESEARCH CENTRE was created in 2009 in order to provide expertise in research facilities and to deliver an advanced and outstanding analytical method, by technocrat educators who has over 30 years ' expertise in teaching, administrative, production and advertising activities. In order to ensure full awareness of its position in performance command and performance power, SIGMA TEST & RESEARCH CENTRE has set up installations to meet the global standards of ILAC, ASTM, ISO, USP, BP, BIS & NABL. We continue to expand our ability to address a wide variety of norms.


The mission of SIGMA TEST & RESEARCH CENTRE is to deliver creative and outstanding analytical procedures, as well as methods that assist all types of sectors and organisations to accomplish a timely, better item performance, moment and costs, connected with inspection criteria for integrity.

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