Vending machines, an experts discovery

by Grace Dervishi Business
The first and the earliest at the same time known reference to a tools vending machine lies in the work of the well-known Hero of Alexandria, he was an engineer as well as a mathematician. The machine he created accepted a coin and then holy water was dispensed. When the coin used to be deposited, it fell upon a pan which was attached to a lever. A valve was opened by the lever which allowed some water to flow out. The pan continued tilting along with the weight of the coin until and unless it has fallen off, at which point a counterweight then snapped up the lever and then it turned off the valve.At early 1615 Coin-operated machines dispensed tobacco. These machines were portable and it is made up of brass.

The very first modernized coin-operated vending machines came to London, England during the early 1880s, it dispensed postcards. This early modernized vending machine was invented by Percival Everett in 1883 and it soon turned to a widespread feature at railway stations as well as the post offices, it dispensed envelopes, postcards, and notepaper. The Sweetmeat Automatic Delivery Company which was founded in the year 1887 in England was the first company which primarily dealt with the installation and the maintenance of vending machines. In 1893, Stollwerck, which is a German-based chocolate manufacturer, sold its chocolate in 15,000 vending machines. There was a set up for a separate company in the various territories for manufacturing vending machines who sold several other products besides chocolate, like cigarettes, matches, chewing gum and various soap products.

There are certain products which need to be prepared in order to become available in the market. Some of the examples are tickets which are printed or magnetized on the spot, and coffee which is freshly concocted. One well known and the most common form of outdoor vending machine is the snack machine which is used quite often. A metal coil rotates to release the product when it is ordered.

The very important example of an outdoor vending machine which gives access to all merchandise after payment for one item is made. It contains a stock of similar rather identical newspapers. After a sale, the automatic door returns back to a locked position. A customer can easily  open the box and take out all the newspapers, for benefiting all other customers, leaving all  the newspapers outside of the box, by  slowly returning the door to an unlatched position, or by blocking the door from fully closing, each one of which are very often discouraged, frequently by a security clamp. The success of all such machines depends on the assumption that all the customer will be honest and require only a single copy.

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