Vastu Consultant in India Shares Some Historic Reference of Vastu Shastra!

by Pinaki Pal Vastu Shastra

Vastu consultant in India finds that not many people realize for how long the vastu shastra has been prevalent.

Many people whether or not vastu vidya has been indeed that common or essential in the subcontinent or it is a merely subject that has emerged recently.

To shed the light on the original facts, the Vastu consultant in India presents this following blog for you.

The impression of vastu shastra can be seen in practical lives of Indian history, not just in books. In order to answer these queries accurately, we will like to refer to some of Indian sacred texts like Vedas and puranas.

There are numerous sacred sculptures in Indian culture, many of which bear the presence of vastu shastra use in them.

Agnipuran, matsyapuran, naradpuran and many other texts speak of vastu shastra being in practical usage.

You can also find mention of vastu shastra in holy texts of the Mahabharata and Ramayana as well. The legendary cities of Ayodhya and its luxurious palaces have been made by following the vastu shastra rules. The cities mentioned in Mahabharata also have mention of vastu shatsra in multiple accounts.

A shloke of Matsyapuran adhyaye also speaks of 18 acharyas or gurus who have formed the rules of vastu shastra.

भृगुरत्रिर्वसिष्ठश्च विश्वकर्मा मयस्तथा।

नारदो नग्नजिच्चैव विशालाक्ष: पुरन्दर।।

ब्रह्मा कुमारो नन्दिश: शौनको गर्ग एव च।

वासुदेवोऽनिरुद्धश्च तथा शुक्र बृहस्पति।।

अष्टादशौते विख्याता वास्तुशास्त्रोपदेशकाः।

संक्षेपेण उपदिष्टं यन्मवे मत्स्यरूपिणा।।


They are named as follows-

·         Bhrugu,

·         Atri,

·         Vasistha,

·         Viswakarma,

·         Mayan,

·         Naradar,

·         Nagnajit,

·         Visalaksha ,

·         Purandaran,

·         Brahma,

·         Kumaraswamy/kartik,

·         Nandikesawaran,

·         Sounakar,

·         Bhargava/garg,

·         Vasudeva,

·         Anirudhar,

·         Sukracharya and

·         Brahaspati.


Moreover, there numerous temples in the Indian Subcontinent that are made as per vastu rules and their structure itself showcase these same without question of any error or misconception.

The ruins of many old temples and forts have shown us that they were build as per the rules of vastu shastra as well. In fact, the ruins of Mohenjo Daro and Harrappa too make it clear that their city planning was done as per the rules of vastu as well.

Each of these above mentioned accounts is a living proof that practice of vastu shashtra for constructing and planning palaces, etc has been in prevalent in India for thousands of years.

Besides, the influence of vastu based designing can be found in many old temples and forts ruins in all around the world, outside India as well.

Thankfully that despite such modern technology of today, it has continued to be in existence. Not only the natives of Indian subcontinent, but even the ones who belong from foreign roots are seeking the assistance of vastu shastra for their properties.

For getting complete information on the subject of vastu shastra, get in touch with the expert Vastu consultant in India only at Vaastu Mangaal.

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