Van Rentals for Family Road Trips

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Renting a Minivan For a Road Trip

Family road trips are a great way to experience new things while spending quality time with the people you love. They key to having a successful and comfortable trip is to get the right car for your specific situation. Putting 5 people into a 5-person car is doable, but discomfort can set in pretty quickly if you’re traveling long distances. This also leaves little space for your bags. That’s why we always recommend renting a spacious minivan for long road trips. With that in mind, here’s some travel advice on renting a minivan for a road trip:

Why Rent?

You might be asking yourself: “What’s the point of renting a minivan for vacation? Shouldn’t I just be pulling out of my driveway and hitting the open road?” It’s a fair question, and one that we’re happy to answer. First of all: not everyone has a car that’s spacious enough for a long road trip. You have to remember that it won’t just be people that will be in the car: you’ll also need space for baggage, a cooler, electronics, and anything you buy while on the trip.

Additionally, due to time and cost constraints, it may be realistic to simply fly to your destination. With a rental vehicle, you can fly to a distant area that you’d like to see - the West Coast, for example - and then start from there.

Know Your Budget

Having a vehicle is obviously a very important part of a road trip. However, there is a varied range in prices and options for vehicles that you can rent, and one of the biggest factors will be your budget. Your first instinct might be to try to save money on renting a minivan for a road trip so that you have more money for hotels, food, or other expenses. However, you have to remember that for a road trip, you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time in that vehicle.

When it comes to a rental vehicle, it pays it invest in one that has just the right features that work for you. Do you need a Bluetooth audio system that allows you to make calls easily? Do you need a van that’s wheelchair-accessible? What about a van that’s fuel efficient? Before you book your rental, think about how you’ll be using your van, where you’ll be going, and what you’ll really need in order to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

The Length Of Your Trip

Another major factor to consider is the distance you’ll be driving and how many days you’ll be spending on the road. If you’re traveling a long distance in a few days, that means even more time spent in the car. You’re going to want room to spread out and get comfortable so that passengers can sleep and relax to pass the time. On the other hand, if it’s only a short-distance drive and you’re planning on being out a lot, you might be able to save some money by renting a smaller minivan for a vacation, or a car with fewer features.

Bags & Storage

We all have that family member that packs way too much stuff for even the shortest trips. Unlike flights, you don’t have the option to check your baggage on a road trip and keep it stowed away somewhere with plenty of space. Anything you bring is going to have to be a few feet away from you for the entire trip. Poor planning or over-packing can result in crushed bags, crowded floor space, and unhappy passengers.

While there are alternative options, such as strapping your baggage to the top of your car, we recommend the simplest, safest option: renting a minivan for a road trip that is actually big enough to accommodate your needs.

Where You’ll Be Driving

Taking your rental car off-roading is always inadvisable. That being said, different cars are better suited to specific areas and road types. If you’ll be driving on gravel, for example, you might consider renting a minivan for a vacation that has stronger tires and better suspension so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Luxury Amenities

Many vehicles have extra features that can definitely come in handy for trips, especially for families with young children. Consider a DVD player when renting a minivan for a road trip. This will help keep kids of all ages stay occupied and happy during those long stretches on the road, which means less stress for the adults up front. Other features to look into include seat-folding options, auxiliary cord capabilities, and more.

Getting Insurance

A lot can happen while on a road trip and while you’ll be having fun and making new memories along the way, there’s no denying that even the best road trip can manifest some unforeseen problems. Buying insurance when you’re renting a minivan for vacation is advisable, if nothing else than for having peace of mind while out on the road. Long hours on the road are sure to make you tired, which can lead to mistakes and potential damage. Consider protecting yourself and your wallet with some rental insurance.

The most important thing you can do when renting a minivan for a road trip is to keep contact with your van or car rental company. This means confirming and reconfirming all the details, including the car you’ve selected as well as the date and time of the rental. If you’re getting picked up or picking up for a location, be sure that all of your information is correct so that the trip can get started without any problems.

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