Vacuum Excavation and Pavement Investigation Services for all Soil Types & Terrains

by Jayden Holden Service Provider

Vacuum excavation allows workers to accurately identify utility depths by removing material from around the piping network, plumbing pipelines, and sewers, as well as for dry potholing. The method enables rapid excavation and storage of material within the system's storage unit. Vacuum excavation is also a clean, cost-effective and environment-friendly method as it does not require the use of harsh chemicals.    

Hydro vacuum excavation combines high-pressure water to safely uncover underground utilities without damaging underground utility components or puncturing pipes. A jet of high pressure is more aggressive than air and can therefore cut through almost any soil type. This vacuum excavation process uses water to loosen and reduce the strength of soil, making it easier for the operator to vacuum cut the excavation area and move it into the tank. The key to efficient hydro excavation is to use enough water to cut the soil efficiently. The residual slurry spoils are easily extracted into the debris tank via a positive displacement blower, or a centrifugal compressor.

Hydro excavation is typically more productive than air excavation

Hydro vacuum excavation is recommended for vacuuming not only around water mains, but also around sensitive utilities such as electrical boxes, gas lines, and fibre optics, as well as in areas where you are unsure where the utility is and do not want to use traditional mechanical digging methods. When dealing with frozen areas, the hydrovac vacuum excavation technique can be used to thaw the area for digging. Hydro excavation is typically more productive than air excavation in most soils as the process cuts and erodes the soil more rapidly.

Air vacuum excavation is typically used to safely uncover sensitive underground utilities that can’t withstand water pressure. Air vacuum digging is desired in applications where the soil tends to be loose, and water is not readily available. Where immediate backfill of the hole is required, transportation companies, power plants, and other utility companies prefer air vacuum excavation. Due to its lower operating pressure requirement, air vacuum excavation is also preferred around buried electrical lines or brittle utilities.

Use cases for non-destructive digging

Other application uses of vacuum digging and vacuum excavation include fibre optic repair, repairing water main breaks, installing light poles, pressure testing, and hauling fresh water to a job site. As a hydro excavator consists of a powerful vacuum system, water tank and an onboard water blaster, the technique of vacuum digging and vacuum excavation can be used for anything that requires spraying, washing, or vacuuming.

Lowering the cost of returning the site to its original condition

Since vacuum excavation and vacuum digging eliminates the need for abrasive methods used in hand digging, the process allows on-site workers to remain safe on the surface while preventing the possibility of trench cave-ins and accidental line damage. Vacuum digging and vacuum excavation methods offer unmatched safety proposition to the contractors, lowering insurance costs and reducing job-site downtime. As the overall size of the work area can be minimised, vacuum excavation and vacuum digging methods allow the service provider to lower the cost to return the site to its original condition, without the piles of debris to be dealt with later.

Pavement investigation using the best techniques

Pavement investigation is done to quantify pavement conditions, identify causes of distress, and estimate the pavement's remaining life. Contractors can benefit from a thorough geotechnical field investigation and laboratory testing programme in developing an appropriate pavement design.

Aussie Hydro-Vac Services have undertaken numerous pavement investigations for councils and developers. The company has extensive capabilities in accomplishing all types of pavement investigation jobs, including the below ones:

·         Green-field subdivisional sites

·         Car parking facilities

·         Industrial hardstand and container yards

·         Residential and industrial subdivisions

·         Pavement duplications, realignments, turning lanes and widening

·         Structurally upgrading of existing collector roads

·         Pavement upgrading and rehabilitation

·         Pavement design services

Aussie Hydro-Vac Services also offers a range of pavement design options for a variety of projects including flexible asphalt surfaces pavements, rigid reinforced concrete pavements, flexible bituminous stone seal pavements, subgrade options to reduce granular material requirements, pavements incorporating cementitious additives, pavement designs for existing roads requiring structural upgrading, rehabilitation, and reconstruction.

Non-destructive digging solutions

Aussie Hydro-Vac Services offers the best quality vacuum excavation, pavement investigation and vacuum digging services to suit the needs of various commercial, residential, and industrial projects. The company’s versatile and powerful equipment, workforce and machines can handle a variety of non-digging operations, ranging from small vacuum digging to potholing and daylighting job. Besides pavement investigation, vacuum excavation and vacuum digging, Aussie Hydro-Vac Services also offers non-destructive digging solutions for industries such as drain and culvert cleaning, liquid & solid waste disposal, gross pollutant traps, industrial cleaning & shutdowns, and more.

A wide range of equipment for non-destructive digging operations

Technical services provided by Aussie Hydro-Vac Services include drone photography services, subsurface engineering & maintenance, CCTV inspection, cable & pipe location and more. The company has the latest equipment to accomplish all these industrial, technical, residential and commercial non-destructive operations for your project needs. 

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