Using Matrix So Silver Shampoo

by Tyler T. Professional Digital Marketing Expert
Everyone today I wanted to make a video about how matrix so Silverworks and how well it works. As you can see right now my hair is pretty yellow. Not too bad yellow but it is pretty white yellow and I am a little bear out public with this herb. So I'm going to use Paul Mitchell hot off the press and see how it works. I can't see it.

Well, there we go.

So it's the matrix. So Silver shampoo. You can tell if the shampoo is going to be used to take out the yellow in your hair by the colour inside.

If it has this purple colour this really deep purple colour then you know that it's going to be used to take out the yellow. Some products out there say that they take out the yellow but they're liars. So I'm going to go take a shower. 

I'm gonna go put this in my hair. I'm probably gonna leave it in for about five to 10 minutes depending. The longer you leave it in the more silver Your hair is going to get. I kind of want to keep the warmth of my hair a little bit but we'll see how that works.

There aren't any detailed instructions about times and what level you're hair what level of hair you. Feel kind of blond. You want your hair to be. Can't talk right now. OK, I'm gonna go take a shower right now. We'll see how this works. OK. So I got out of the shower and I blow-dried my hair and this is the result. It is a little bit more platinum and I did lose a little bit of it's warm but it's still kind of there. It looks the same.

So I read the directions on the bottle and it said for maximum results to lather on wet hair rinse and repeat if necessary I repeated three times and I would keep looking down on my hair and I would see straight gold in purple.

So by then I just decided OK I'm just going to get out I'm just going to blow dry my hair and see what my hair looks like because what it did not look very promising but now that it's done it looks a lot better than what it did before because before it was super yellow and it looked like I just bleach it and at least now it looks like I only bleach it a bit ago. 

I don't think the camera can capture exactly what it looks like because of the lighting and everything but I think my overall review for The Matrix so Silver I probably give it about three and a half to four stars.

OK. You know what. I'll give it four stars. We'll just give enforcers four stars because yes it did have some effects on my hair and it did make it less yellow which is what I was looking for but I still have quite a bit of yellow that you can't see on the camera. And after washing my hair with it and rinsing and washing my hair with it and rinsing and washing my hair with it and rinsing it still didn't look exactly how I wanted it to but who knows. 

I think I will still stick with it and see for long term purposes how well it will go with my hair maybe it's just something that takes a little bit more time than just happening like that is I mean who wants whatever they won't like that.

I mean everybody loves to just wait anyway so this is my overall review of the matrix so Silver and I hope it was helpful somewhat. I mean I think it's always good to be able to see other people doing and experimenting with your hair before a hair too because it's scary. You never know how it's going to go anyway. So thank you for watching and maybe see you later.

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