Unlocking the Secrets of Tyres that Stay Strong and Last Long

by Michael Davies Auto Garage for car Services

Retaining a long tyre life is not as difficult as some people make it out to be. There are some practices that you need to incorporate in your driving habit to make your tyres last considerably longer.

However, before we go into the gory details, let’s understand what the things that affect the life of tyres are. It’s the key to unlocking the secrets of extended service life of tyres.

No Guarantee on Tyre’s Life

There is no assurance of how long your car tyre will last. From the perspective of miles, you should get at least 50,000 miles from your tyres. Some models of run flat tyres in Birmingham can go as high as 100,000 miles and beyond depending on a few factors.

  1. The quality of the tyre that you have bought determines how long it will last.

  2. The way you drive your car has a direct bearing on tyre life. Rash driving leads to wearing out of the tyres faster.

  3. The road conditions also play a pivotal role in determining the lifespan of your car tyres.

  4. The type of tyre you buy also matters. For example, premium run flat tyres in Birmingham last considerably longer than cheap car tyres.

Age is Not Just a Number

Tyres do not age all that well. As the age of a tyre increases, its condition worsens. Keep that in mind when you visit your local garage the next time.

You can monitor the condition of your car tyres yourself as well. Look for uneven tread patterns, if the treads have evened out or not. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm.

With age, the tyre will inevitably wear out. But, there are different reasons why a tyre wears out earlier than others. Those include:

  • Car Tyre’s Inner Quality: Butyl rubber is used to make the inner liner of any car tyre. This particular rubber compound keeps the air inside and prevents it from leaking. The quality of this compound determines the oxidation and subsequently, the ageing rate.

  • Heat: High temperatures increase the permeability of the rubber; hence, more oxygen seeps into the tyre. It results in increased oxidation, which, in turn, fastens up the process of ageing.

The solution is in Your Hands

So, these are a few reasons why your tyres can age faster, wear out and lead to higher fuel consumption. There are few check-points you can keep in mind, to make sure your tyres in Birmingham stay operational for a long time.

  • Check Your Tyres

It is necessary to check your car tyres regularly. Visually inspect them once a week for any cuts or bulges. Make sure they are clean; dirt and grime deteriorate the rubber quality.

  • A mismatch isn’t Good Anywhere

Mismatched tyres are the fastest way to compromise with your ride quality as well as tyre life. Mismatched tyres result in uneven performance and different rate of tread wear. So, if you have a pair run flat tyres in Birmingham installed on your front wheels, the rear ones should also be of the same variety.

  • Store them at the Right Place

As discussed before, heat increases oxidation. So, keeping tyres in a cool place increases their longevity. Make sure that they are kept under a shed and away from any liquid.

  • Take Professional Help

Take your car to a professional garage for tyre inspection at least twice a year. Professional garages like Flaxley Tyres are a preferred option for motorists looking for the maintenance and repair of their Car Tyres Birmingham. They also offer other services which include wheel alignment, balancing and ECU remapping.

With the right approach, you can enjoy the services of your tyres for more than five years. That saves money, effort and most importantly, the environment.

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