Understanding the working principle and benefits of plasma cutting equipment

by Longevity Inc Industrial Mechanical

Plasma cutting is one of the most extensively used welding techniques. It can cut almost all types of metals using the properties of plasma. Plasma torch used in this type of welding has a number of benefits and due to this they have replaced the use of traditional torches. They have become extremely popular and have a number of applications across many industries.

The torch used in the technique creates plasma; the fourth state of matter. Basically, plasma is created around 15,000 degrees Celsius and is a super-heated substance that is a gas and a liquid at the same time. In order to create plasma, an inert gas and a heat source is required.  

How plasma cutting works?

Firstly, the Plasma Cutting Equipment is set up in a proper manner so that it creates an electric circuit with the work piece. Upon touching the end of the torch with the metal, the circuit is created and a spark flashes through the nozzle of the plasma torch. This spark flows along with the inert gas and travels to the negative electrode present in the torch handle. When this gas comes in contact with the electric current and it is heated at an extremely high temperature, it becomes plasma. This plasma comes out of the tiny hole of the nozzle and falls onto the metal surface that you want to cut. The temperature, speed and focus of the plasma enables in cutting almost all types of metals.

Main application areas of plasma cutting are listed below:

Plasma cutting equipment is widely used in the aircraft industry for preparing various types of metal components. It can be used to make components of both the commercial as well as military aircrafts. Similarly, plasma cutting equipment is also a helpful tool in the automobile industry which makes it easier to cut, form and weld different metal parts.

Another important use of plasma cutting equipment is in the locksmith industry. It proves really effective in cutting locks during the emergency situations. These cutters are also used in the construction industry where different types and sizes of metals are cut in a large number on a day to day basis. They are also used in the artistic industry where they are used to cut various metals in order to create a variety of unique shapes.  

Below mentioned are the various benefits of plasma cutters:

Gives precise cutting

The best feature of using plasma cutters is that they cut metals precisely and accurately. The end results are exactly as they are desired. Not just they are useful for normal cutting but also to cut metals perfectly around the curved lines as well. This is achieved with the plasma cutting equipment as they create a heat affected zone which helps in smooth and easy cutting.  

Do not cause any effect on surrounding areas

Another significant benefit of plasma cutting equipment is that they do not affect the surroundings of the metal apart from the area or part being cut. The area that needs to be cut is only heated up so that it can be easily cut whereas the surrounding area remains cool. This is useful in situations especially when the surrounding metal needs to be prevented from warping.

Extremely fast process

With plasma cutting, metals can be cut at a very high speed in comparison to other traditions forms of cutting torches. Usually, the speed of plasma cutters is almost five times higher than the other cutting torches.  

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