Understanding the different seasonal tyres

by Matthew Thomas V-Tech Auto

A few decades ago, drivers had to drive their car on the same type of tyres, but now conditions have totally changed.

Modern drivers have a lot of choices to choose according to their expectations and goals.

The tyre making industry is evolving at a rapid rate to produce tyres that may be fit in several categories that are further divided in many types.

Let us have a look at common categories of tyres and related types.

Seasonal tyres

All-season tyres:

As you may assume, seasonal tyres are made to perform in specific seasons. All-season tyres are considered as a special type that you may use in different weather conditions. All-season tyres are supposed to be made for moderate conditions and show compromised performance when the weather conditions are extremely severe.

Winter tyres:

As the name suggests tyre makers made winter tyres for extremely cold weathers.

Winter tyres are efficient enough to provide proper grip and traction on snowy and icy roads when the conditions are not favourable for driving.

Summer tyres:

Summer tyres are favourable for driving on hot road surfaces. These tyres are produced for the temperature above 7-Degrees C. These tyres are not suitable for cold conditions. Since driver should not use summer tyres for winter months.

Cost-based tyres

Budget tyres:

If you are a cost-conscious person, budget tyres are going to be an ideal choice for you. 

However, the tyre makers have to reduce the level of quality to bring the price at the lower level.

If you do not need high-performance tyres and do not have ambitious goals, budget tyres may meet your demands.

Budget tyres do not mean the absence of quality factors. Tyre makers have to add minimum quality standards according to the laws and regulations.

Mid-range tyres:

In case, you need quality tyres in a lesser budget, you may opt for mid-range tyres. These tyres show satisfactory quality and performance and may fit into your budget as well.

Function based tyres

All-terrain tyres:

These tyres are useful for drivers who need to drive their vehicles on different surfaces like muddy roads and smooth highways. Therefore, the tread design and materials are used in these tyres to support both off-road and on-road conditions.

Mud-terrain tyres:

These tyres are specially used by drivers who have to use their vehicles on sand, mud, rocks, and snow.

The giant vehicles with mud-terrain tyres are usually used in farms and construction sites.

Tyres solving your problems:

Run Flat Tyres:

Punctures on the roads can be frustrating for a driver. That’s when run-flat tyres come in handy. These tyres have reinforced sidewalls that is made to carry the load of the vehicle.

Energy Saving Tyres:

These tyres have a low level of rolling resistance to reduce the level of fuel consumption. It results in better fuel economy that is beneficial for the environment as well.

As you see, you may easily fulfil your goals with modern Hankook Tyres Reading because of the efforts of innovative tyre makers.

If you are not able to choose the best Tyres Reading for yourself, a capable and authentic tyre dealer will help you to select a set of tyres.

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