Understanding The Difference Between uPVC and PVC

by Divya Khanna Marketing Consultant

Are you planning to buy new pipes and fittings for your household or commercial use? Or are you looking forward to replacing your current piping system with the latest and the best? You might have come across some pipes that are advertised as uPVC. So, what does it mean? Here is all you need to know about uPVC and PVC piping before you set out to buy one for yourself.

Read on to discover what makes uPVC different from PVC materials.

What is uPVC?

The term uPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. uPVC is a resilient, rigid type of plastic. Its strength and durability make it ideal for window frames, plumbing, external casing, medical, packaging, drains, etc.

uPVC pipes are also known as ASTM pipes as they are manufactured as per ASTM D 1785 standards. They are hygienic and non-toxic. Thus, they are the most suitable and economical solution for potable water distribution. uPVC pipes have several advantages over traditional G.I. piping systems.

A detailed discussion of the merits of upvc pipes and fittings is below. They provide a combination of features and serve as a long-term plumbing solution for almost every sector.

What is the difference between uPVC and PVC?

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is yet another plumbing material that promises strength and longevity to its consumers. However, the fundamental difference between uPVC and PVC is the use of plasticisers. While PVC contains plasticisers, uPVC does not. Plasticisers tend to make PVC softer and flexible. Thus, it is ideal for cables, casing, garden pipes, etc. In contrast, uPVC is so hard and rigid that it is widely employed in plumbing, fittings and window frames. Also, uPVC pipes are suitable for carrying cold water or water at normal temperatures. Contrastingly, polyvinyl chloride pipes can carry water at very high temperatures as well.

Is uPVC better than PVC?

Are you wondering if uPVC is better than PVC? Well, the two have different applications. When strength and rigidity are a customer's priority, they must opt for uPVC. They can withstand very high pressures and hence do not break even under the toughest of conditions. uPVC is suitable for cold water operations in residential buildings and offices.

Moreover, its low thermal conductivity makes it energy efficient. It brings forth a wide range of benefits that other materials cannot match. However, both PVC and uPVC Pipes are resistant to sunlight, oxidation, abrasion and chemicals. So, select as per your requirement.

What are the Advantages of Using uPVC Pipes and Fittings?

If you are planning to buy pipes and fittings for your home, do not forget to check out the most outstanding features of ASTM/uPVC pipes before purchasing:

      uPVC/ASTM pipes and fittings are non-toxic, free from lead and hence safe for transportation of potable drinking water and for swimming pools.

      These technically superior, ASTM threaded pipes are 40-50% cheaper than conventional G.I. pipes.

      They are cost-effective.

      No algae formation

      uPVC Pipes and fittings come with easy installation and repair.

      The smooth inner surfaces of uPVC pipes facilitate high flow rates. Moreover, the frictional losses are low.

      uPVC is highly resistant to rusting and scale formation.

      These pipes are long-lasting. Also, they have a minimal maintenance cost.

      Functionally, they are ideal for cold water plumbing applications.


Best uPVC Products and Why Should You Trust them?

. Here are some key highlight features of the same.

      Lightweight: - These strong yet super light pipes are easy to handle and install.

      Resistant to UV: - uPVC pipes UV-resistant. They do not turn brittle or compromise their properties even in prolonged sun exposure.

      Leak-proof joints: - The company provides special solvent cement that ensures 100% leak-proof joints.

The merits do not end here! If you choose the best for yourself, you get much more. Consequently, joining hands with technology never fails to impress. Check what you are getting and choose the best upvc pipes and fittings for your home. 

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