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by Mary Smith I am specialist of digital marketing.

Just imagine how will it be when the technology is absent today? What happens to communication, what about modern machinery and others that evolved from technology? Technology is both boon and bane for the world. To enjoy the advantages of technology it is important to them. Here are some reasons for the question “why my phone call dropped?”

When You Have Poor Signal

Having a poor sign is one of the key reasons for your phone calls to get drop-off. It is necessary to stay near the tower to have better signal strength. It is also necessary to have a line of strength that is when you are at the surface of the earth you with have a normal signal when you are at the peak of hills you will get still better signal strength and when you are in the deep canyon your signal will be worse. Similarly, the curvature of earth will also have a higher impact on the signal strength.

When The Tower Is Overloaded

Signal strength is an important element that affects the calls and signal strength is another element. When there is heavy traffic your cell phone will not be able to manage all the calls and so during any time of emergencies and any other times, there will be chances for the jam and dropping of calls. This is the same thing applicable in wifi as well, due to high traffic people suffer from slow wifi.

One best solution is data closest cleanup and when you do them there are chances to have clear traffic and make calls without having any disturbances.

During Raining

General water is considered to be the signal killer because the high-frequency wavelength that is used in the cell phone signals will not pass through the water. That is the reason for the blockage of rain during the time of rain.  With snow and hail also you may experience the blockage of signal but since the water content is low the effect is not high. 

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