Understand The Causes Of Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse is the situation when you are no more able to control the use of drugs – prescribed, legal, and illegal drugs. And it starts invading your life, retarding your ability to function.

According to the UN report 2018, drug use has increased by 30% in India itself. This alarming situation has caused an increase in the need for more number of a rehab centre in India. Each year more than 22k people die all over the world due to drug abuse.

The other problems include:

  • Accidents due to drunk and drugged driving
  • Fights and broken relationships
  • Familial stress
  • Child abuse

Additionally, you increase the chances of being infected by diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, and AIDS.

How does it start?

In most cases, people start consuming drugs as a recreation, and it slowly starts becoming a regular practice from frequent activity. Then there are others who are on opioids, for whom drug addiction begins with exposure to prescribed medications, and also at times through medicines that might have been prescribed to a friend or relative. 

Drug abuse to addiction

When you cannot control the use of drugs, in spite of knowing how unhealthy and unsafe it's for you – know that you are being addicted. It starts affecting you emotionally, financially and hampers your relationship with your loved ones. The thought of drugs doesn’t seem to leave your mind!

Who is more at risk?

Aspects that increases your chances of being addicted are:

Family history

Believe it or not, your genes have a role to play in your addiction problem. If your siblings or parents have or had issues with the consumption of alcohol or other drugs, you too are at risk of it. 

Early drug use

A child's brain is like soft mud; it tends to make an impression quickly. If you have been exposed to drugs at an early age, you are more prone to get addicted when you grow up.


Constant stress, worry, and depression can also lead to drug addiction. When the consumption of drugs gives the desired peace to your mind, you tend to use it more often whenever you have any emotional turmoil. 

Disturbed relationship

Exposure to disturbing parental relationship, family issues from childhood days, or when you do not share a healthy relationship with your parents or any family members, you may be prone to addiction – it helps you to escape from the worries and practicalities of life.

What happens when you stop using drugs?

The risk of how fast you become addicted depends on the drug. But, the more your delay, the tougher it will be for you to move out of it. Trying to stop yourself from drug use at times causes intense cravings and might make you physically ill.

Our rehab centre is one of the best in India, and it provides you with drug abuse treatment, which not only helps you to be physically healthy but also helps you to deal with the emotional stress that absenteeism causes.

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