Ultrasound System for Spine Surgery Changing The Tide in Field of Spine Surgery

by Richelle Mandy Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital

Intraoperative ultrasound has been utilized by the spine surgeons since the early 1980s. “Since then, more advanced modes of intraoperative imaging and navigation have turn out to be broadly available. Despite the fact that the usage of ultrasound in the course of spine surgery has fallen out of favor,  it remains the only real-time imaging modality that allows surgeons to visualize smooth tissue anatomy immediately and continuously while operating. Surgeons demonstrate that for this reason, ultrasound is a useful adjunctive technique for spine surgeons, particularly when approaching intradural lesions or while addressing pathology within the ventral spinal canal through a posterior approach.” Says, Dr. S. Karunakaran specialized safe spine surgery.

What Is Ultrasound—and How Does It Work?

Ultrasound is an imaging modality that uses sound waves to display images of the interior of your body on a screen. The tools it uses to accomplish this are: ultrasound gel and a hand-held probe called a transducer. Generally, the procedure is performed by using an ultrasound technician who applies gel at the part of your body being examined, and then glides the transducer over your skin. The transducer then sends sound waves into your body. Because the sound waves touch your body waves touch your body’s internal structures, the transducer picks up the echoing sounds to provide the images, which are right away displayed on nearby computer monitor. An ultrasonic devices permits the surgeon to very exactly sculpt away bone or different tissues to relives pressure on nerves with minimal disruption to the surrounding region.

 What Spinal Disorders Does Ultrasound Help Diagnose?

When most people think of ultrasound, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of a fetus on a computer screen. When patients complain of pain, inflammation or show signs of infection, medical ultrasound can help doctors recognize the origin of these signs. Though more research needs to confirm ultrasound’s efficacy in diagnosing back and neck pain in adults, ultrasound may help diagnose several spine disorders, including:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Scoliosis and spinal deformity
  • Whiplash syndromes
  • Spinal tumors 
  • Spinal infections 

Benefits of ultrasound for spinal disorders

Ultrasonic spine surgery can be used for many conditions, but conditions but is most often utilized when it is necessary to remove a small amount of bone to treat a patient's pain. Advantages of ultrasound over conventional spinal imaging techniques includes

  • No radiation exposure
  • Improved soft tissue imaging over radiographs
  • Simple to administer patients don’t have to remain still
  • Widely available
  • Inexpensive though you should check your insurance coverage
  • Non-invasive no injections needed

World-Class Spine Treatment — Here With Dr. S. Karunakaran In India

Dr. S. Karunakaran best spine surgeon at Global Hospital at Chennai in India is a national leader in spinal health care with spinal specialists that who utilize that most advanced techniques to improve the surgical care of our patients. Dr. S. Karunakaran is an eminent spine surgeon with over 20 years of experience. Till date, he has successfully performed more than thousand spine surgeries of various type and complexities. Dr. S Karunakaran endoscopic spine surgery employs safer, revolutionary ultrasound and radiofrequency technology to perform spine surgery. He develops personalized surgical and non-surgical treatment plans, providing unparalleled spine expertise to patients of all ages. Dr. S. Karunakaran specialized in spine surgery and understands that you may have questions about how minimally invasive in India can help you make a recovery and get relief from chronic back or neck pain.

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