Ultrapreneur Julian Hall: The Essential Tips on Starting Business From Scratch

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Nowadays, we can see many people who are transitioning towards an entrepreneurship career and it makes sense why so many people have been showing much interest in this particular business field.

There are many advantages that come about from this occupation- you get to start your own company based on what you are passionate about, you can set up a work schedule based on your time preference, and the best part, you get to be the one who makes all the rules and gets to decide on what happens in your business. Naturally, these factors have attracted many individuals, but all of it comes at a certain price.

Starting up an entrepreneurship career is not a simple task. It takes months to years to set up your company and requires continuous efforts to ensure that your company stays afloat within the competitive professional sector. Consequently, this has demotivated many underprivileged young aspiring business students who believe that they do not have what it takes to start up their own company- but Julian Hall states otherwise.

As a highly acclaimed British entrepreneur, renowned educator, author, and speaker, Julian Lawrence Hall believes that entrepreneurship can be available to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

He started his entrepreneurship in the fashion industry at the age of 18 and later went ahead and made a career investment banking, building up his experience and eventually becoming the founder of #AskUltra, Ultra Education CIC, and Startup Dash.

#AskUltra is an artificial intelligence chat box that is utilized to teach young kids and teenagers how they can achieve entrepreneurship. Another one of his creations includes Startup Dash, an alternative attempt to teach entrepreneurship through a mobile game.

To Hall, age is simply a number we can work past to achieve anything we want in life-and if you are someone who comes from an underprivileged background, here are a couple of tips Hall has shared to help you take the first few steps in your entrepreneurship career.

Assess What You Have

To begin with, you need to first look into things that you know how to do. Figuring out your most powerful skillset can help you get an idea of where you want to start with what you currently have at your disposal.

Then you look into your experience- how long have you been working on these skills, and where have you been utilizing them. Also, consider the tangible resources that you have access to so that you do not have to depend on things in the future that you cannot easily attain. Ensure that you are writing all these notes down as they will help you determine which field of work you can create your new business under.

Invest in What You Can Afford to Lose

Putting in investments that you do not have to worry about losing will help you maintain more flexibility at work while also reducing the stress factor that comes with business investing. Additionally, this also serves as a good practice for you to learn how it's like to start a business, the risks that come with it, and the different ways to implement various business ideas into your work to further build upon its eventual success.

Many young individuals tend to hesitate from taking these steps, which is why they often do not start their own business. However, by implementing these steps, not only do you get a chance to further improve your business, but it also helps in building up your confidence. This teaches you that no matter what background you come from, hard work and continuous efforts will be the significant factors that will define your fate.

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