Types of Cyber Crimes in India 2020

by Gaurav Upadhyay Gaurav Upadhyay IPS Assam

This goes without a doubt that the cyber world has been treacherous than ever! We have seen a multiple numbers of cyber crimes emerging on a daily basis. After COVID-19, it has been seen a rise in the cyber crime rate.

Gaurav Upadhyay IPS, one of the well-known IPS officer explains how the documentation stands out and what all cyber crimes have been continued since the last few decades. Read further to know more about these crimes that are still prevalent in India.

We have classified cyber crimes in 3 types:

Type 1: Email related crimes

It has the ease of speedy emails that can be sent out. Fraudsters have a potent weapon in their hands. Let’s describe more about such email related cyber crimes in detail!

Email spoofing:

Email spoofing refers to the forgery of the email headers such that the message that appears seems to be plagiarised from the actual source. Yes, it can be used in phishing attacks.

Phishing/ Vishing:

This is yet another attempt of disclosing more sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, credit or debit card details, etc. by recognizing oneself as a trustworthy commodity or entity. It includes spoofing of the personal information and the attackers achieve their OTP, PIN, UPI, and other details.


Unfortunately, our country still does not have any anti-spamming law until the date. This process includes repeated messages through Various communication channels such as SMSes, blogs, social media, etc.

Type 2: Financial Frauds

Ever heard of unauthorized financial transactions? This comes under financial fraud. In most of the cases, these fraudsters try to impersonate authority figures such as the company or the bank manager, army official, etc. Few of the examples quoted are:

* UPI based frauds

* OLX frauds

* OTP frauds

* Vishing Frauds

* QR Code Frauds

* COVID-19 Frauds

* FASTag Frauds etc

Data Leakage:

Data spilling is also known as a data breach. It simply refers to the sharing of the unauthorized distribution of the information to other sources or the third-party provider. This leakage may consist of the passwords, financial information, name, card details, etc.


It refers to the stealing of commodities through electronic stores such as the e-commerce market. Many hackers try to exploit the website through e-shoplifting. These consist of:

* Inappropriate session or state tracking.

* Improper utilization of cookies.

* Weakness in client side scripting.

* Poor database integration

* Poor input validation.

Online Gambling:

Online gambling is illegal in India. Yet, as sad it is to hear many citizens violate the laws and try to bind with illegal practises. Gambling has taken a technology curve and has started to flourish through many lesser-known messenger apps.

Type 3: Others Cyber Crimes

Cyber defamation:

The defamation of section 499 of the IPC comes under the cyber crime, cyber defamation. It is considered as one of the worst forms of defamation as it has an electronic angle associated alongside. Some of the elements that we found out in such defamation are:

* Statement must be false and defamatory.

* Statement must be published.

* Statement must have a reference of the victim in it.

Cyber bullying:

Many people feel like social media is the best space to harass or bully somebody. This may include physical threats or the defamation of the products or services as well. Threatening, humiliating, harassing the victim and to make them angry and depressed is their only goal. It results in lower self-esteem and even more suicidal thoughts. Cyber bullying is most common among teenagers.

Cyber pornography:

In the eyes of law, pornography is equivalent to obscenity. As the greek roots state “Porne and graphos” which includes the illegal and sexually explicit pictures, movies, and videos. Indeed, this is banned in our country and is considered as indecent amongst the public. Cyber pornography comes under the crime section of 67 A and 67 B of the IT Act 2000.

The above are few of the cyber crimes; there is no doubt that every opportunity comes with its limitations which goes with the cyber world also. So it is important for us to save ourselves from these crimes by upgrading ourselves.

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