Types and causes of knee pain and treatment options

by Benny Smith Content Writer

We wouldn’t think how much of our daily movement depends on our knees, until   a knee problem appears. Common knee problems are often the result of sudden movements, doing sports or simply getting older. This time around we would like to enlist some of the most common reasons for knee pain, their possible causes along with the best available treatment options.

We can put the common knee problems into two key categories:


knee injury doctor


Knee problems being the result of an injury such as:

  • knee joint pain
  • dislocation
  • fracture
  • sprain
  • ligament tear
  • overworked knees

Knee is a joint and as such it’s quite vulnerable to injuries, especially for those who do sports on a regular or professional level. Knee ligament tears are so serious that they are considered career enders for lots of athletes. However, thanks to todays much improved surgical methods, sportsmen can come back even from ligament tears, given that they go through the entire length of rehabilitation process, that can often take years.

With our knees being quite sensitive, this means that most of the injuries that happen to it, will result in unbearable pain and calling the ER or visiting a knee injury doctor as soon as possible.

Serious knee injuries such as sprains, ACL, fractures are extremely hard to heal properly, because of the placement of this joint and because of the great necessity for us to use them even for the most basic movements. That’s why it’s such a hard process to let knee heal completely and to apply the best possible targeted rehabilitation techniques to enable it to move just like before.

Knee problems being the result of another ( one or more) medical conditions: these sorts of knee pain, such as pain being the result of an arthritis come step by step and gradually get worse, until we decide to enroll in a high level arthritis knee treatment session or have our knee examined to see what can cause the issue. There are certain reliefs which can free you from most of the pain, but most importantly when it comes to knee issues, you cannot replace medical cure with any sort of home remedy treatments. While temporary pain is the result of a sudden bad movement or an injury and requires instant treatment and the use of painkillers, chronic pain means a long term condition that’s a result of multiple conditions adding up and therefore it needs a complex therapeutic treatment that goes on for a long time.

Medical conditions include

  • arthritis
  • gout

Common symptoms include swelling, knee fluid and a temporary pain which needs to be relieved by professional treatment. Today, there are much improved methods for arthritis knee pain treatment, which your doctor can tell you more about.  

While there are some home treatments you can try, such as compression or icing, knee issues are generally not the types of issues you can sweep under the rug. You should visit a knee specialist NYC to get a proper therapy for knee pain.

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