Try Bathroom Cleaning Guide Before You Hire Professional Home Cleaning Services

by Cleenee UK Limited Cleaning Service in London

Giving our bathrooms a good cleaning session is something we always tend to procrastinate and then we end up with a loose hand's cleaning to deal with the problem areas. So, if you’re planning to spend some time and effort cleaning your bathroom during the weekend, here’s a guide to help you do that with perfection. Read on and you shall fill in for the need for professional home cleaning services. 

A quick checklist of items you will need:

  • Bathroom cleaner

  • Toilet Cleaner

  • Glass cleaner or a gentle homemade cleaning solution 

  • Spray bottle 

  • Sanitizer

  • Toilet brush

  • Glass cleaning cloths

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Bin bags

  • Sponge

  • Flat-headed microfiber mop

So before you look for house cleaning services near me, let’s make an attempt, and get started.

Remove all that you can from the bathroom

This will make the whole process of cleaning very speedy and urges you to avoid messiness. Once you have cleaned it all, only put back the important things, and make sure you have nothing left on window ledges, use bathroom storage so that everyday cleaning is fast and simple! 

Vacuum/dust the entire region first 

Vacuum or dust the region before you use water or cleaning agents so that you can first get off the hair and dust. This will accelerate your cleaning time! 

Clean all the mirrors 

It is all right to spot clean mirrors, use a few drops of glass cleaning solution, this assists with preventing streaks and accelerates your cleaning time. 

Dust and clean the windows and frames 

Open the windows to ventilate the bathroom while you clean. Doing this regularly will also let the airflow and prevent any mould build-up. 

Sanitize the switches, knobs, and handles 

This has now become a necessity. Use a sanitizing spray to get into those little hidden spots.  

Clean the tiles and grout 

Get hold of a sonic brush for grout cleaning and use a mop to clean the tiles and then dry them with a microfiber mop. It will make the entire process faster and assist you with arriving straight up to the roof. You can purchase a tile cleaner or use a dish cleaner and sanitizer for glossy tiles. 

Get rid of empty bottles and tissue rolls 

This one doesn’t need a reason. Just throw away any unfilled shampoo and conditioner bottles to make the place clutter-free. 

Clean the shower doors 

Begin cleaning from inside. Inner sides are comparatively dirty so if you start this way, it’s simpler to look at the streaks when you work on the outer side. You can use a special glass cleaner or rub them clean with a basic homemade cleanser and a sponge as it simply washes away without scouring. 

Clean the bathtub 

Splash some dirt remover and let it sit for a while to start working, then clean with a brush and rinse with clean water.

Clean the toilet 

Well, this is the most challenging and demanding one. Pour the cleaning solution inside and around the surface of the toilet seat, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and give it a good scour using a toilet brush. Make sure that you don’t miss cleaning at the back and the lower part of the toilet. 

Clean the sink 

Clean the sink and remember the under of the sink and the platform. Clean holders and spa sets, paying attention to these little things in a bathroom is an absolute necessity to keep away from cleanser scum build-up. 

Empty and clean the bin 

Wipe the bin from within with a mix of soap and warm water and use some sanitizer to disinfect. Let it dry before closing the lid. 

Mop the floor 

Use a mop and a cleanser to wipe the floors. When you use a mop, change the mop head, and wash it when you've completed avoiding the risks of cross-contamination. 

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Spray a bathroom freshener and you’re done. Your bathroom will look and smell like it’s done by professional Domestic Cleaning Services in London. 

For professional home cleaning services, hire expert cleaners with Cleenee. They offer a platform to help you hire authentic and reliable cleaning services providers in London. Try Cleenee's incredible cleaning services for your home or office today. 

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