Treatment of erectile dysfunction

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Problems with an erection are a cause for concern for any man. According to medical data, the problem of erection occurs in young men at the peak of reproductive function. The reasons for this manifestation can be anything, but do not despair.

What can be erection problems

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men of any age. The older the representative of the stronger sex becomes, the more likely such problems are to occur.

Unlike potency, erection problems are temporary and not regular. In this case, the man loses the ability to have sex only partially. Therefore, it is important at the first symptoms of decreased potency not to be ashamed, but to seek help from a specialist.

Decreased erectile function can manifest itself in different ways. Common problem:

  1. Reduced duration of sexual intercourse for no apparent reason.
  2. Spontaneous erection is absent or appears only after active stimulation from the partner.
  3. The head of the penis is less sensitive, which reduces the brightness of sensations during intimacy.
  4. Reduced or completely lost attraction to the opposite sex.
  5. An erection appears, but for a short time.
  6. Problems with potency appear during sexual intercourse. The penis loses its firmness during coitus.

In addition to these reasons, erectile dysfunction is manifested by a violation of ejaculation. This may be premature ejaculation, its absence, a feeling of incomplete orgasm. There may also be lethargy of the sexual organ during coitus.

Provoking factor

The main cause of potency disorders is physiological disorders associated with age. The more often a man, the more likely he is to encounter this problem. In many cases, a decrease in potency is observed in married couples with a newborn child, but in this case the problem passes by itself.

In addition to age-related changes, other factors contribute to erectile dysfunction:

  • stress, chronic fatigue;
  • distrust of the partner;
  • poor diet;
  • pernicious habits;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • fear of failure.

A separate factor - is congenital abnormalities in the structure of the penis, the genitourinary system, and injuries to the penis, in which it is quite difficult to get a stable erection.

Men face erection problems in the presence of any disease. These include: prostate diseases, diabetes, disorders of the cardiovascular system, thyroid disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, neurological diseases, spinal injuries, and more.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are manifested against the background of long-term use of medications aimed at reducing blood pressure. Overuse of steroids to build muscle stimulates a decrease in erections and sexual desire, even in young people.

There are many reasons for the disorder. In order not to face even more problems later, it is necessary to diagnose the cause in time and start treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction

To treat erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to find out the cause of its appearance. It is important not to hide the details of the problem and tell the doctor everything very honestly. Otherwise, the treatment will be ineffective.

The second step is a clinical examination and testing. At this stage, the state of internal organs and systems is evaluated. To obtain accurate data, the external genitals are examined and analyzed. Based on the data obtained, the specialist builds a treatment regimen.

The main directions of treatment that restore potency: 
  • medications;
  • conversations with a sex therapist.

Various medications help to restore an erection such as Viagra, Cialis, generics and their substitutes, which are written here They differ in properties, and therefore should only be taken as prescribed by a doctor. In most cases, their action is aimed at improving blood supply in the pelvic organs and stimulating sexual desire, by increasing male hormones in the body.

Another group of medications is prescribed when diseases of internal organs are detected for their recovery and treatment of inflammatory processes.

A conversation with a psychotherapist and sexologist will help to solve psychological stress and reduce the level of stress. Treatment of erectile functions is achieved here by getting rid of fears, building confidence and reducing stress levels. In some cases, the main treatment is supplemented with herbal medicines and physical exercises.

Congenital abnormalities in the structure of the penis are solved surgically. It is supplemented with supportive therapy and physiotherapy.

Folk medicine

Most men, when faced with an erection problem, begin treatment with folk remedies. However, uncontrolled intake of even the safest substances will lead to negative consequences, among which the Allergy will be the most harmless.

It will not be possible to support the body and establish a stable erection with the help of well-known tablets, since this is a temporary solution. However, adding the usual diet with foods rich in vitamins can speed up the solution of the problem. Pay attention to eggs, fish, nuts, seafood, herbs, fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils.

The basics of prevention

It is easier not to fight any problems, but to prevent them in advance. To avoid disorders of sexual function, simple rules will help:

  1. Full, balanced diet.
  2. Giving up bad habits.
  3. Active lifestyle. Try to ride a bike, walk, do gymnastics.
  4. Smooth psychoemotional state. Try to avoid stress and fatigue.
  5. Stability. All doctors recommend having regular sex with one partner.

It is also important to get enough sleep, monitor your health, and do not take medication without an appointment.

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