Translating slogans, A Trouble Tough to Handle for Language Translators

by The Yellow Coin PR Agency in Delhi

“Translate a slogan in German? Come on, how difficult would it be? It’s just a single sentence.”


It might be a single sentence to translate and may appear straightforward to you, but it requires a lion’s share of knowledge and command to precisely translating a slogan into another language. Talk to any language translator in Delhi and you would find how tricky and complex it is to translate the brand slogans and punchlines which have only a few words. Not a long time ago,  the Pepsi’s slogan “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” was translated into “Pepsi brings your ancestors back to translation” in Chinese and promoted all over China. Surely, this is exactly what we call “Lost in translation” Translations like this cause more harm than profit in both monetary terms and brand reputation.


Slogans, taglines, and punchlines, especially the advertising ones, are of creative nature molded from cultural idioms and things. According to expert language translators in Delhi, there can never be an exact translation of such slogans conveying exactly the same meaning. Literal translation or word-to-word makes the situation worse. Local and cultural nuances create further problems in translating them from source language to target language. Words, idioms, and context differ with the languages and vulnerable to misinterpretations. Cultural differences trigger unique emotional reactions to the translated words. That’s why only a native language translator is trusted for accurate and certified language translation services in Delhi.


There are countless and endless difficulties in the language translation process which can only be handled well with the language proficiency and cultural knowledge. A higher or specialized level of translation services in Delhi is required by global business brands to ensure that translated brand content makes only the positive impact on the international customer base without any misinterpretation regardless of the language, region, and cultural experiences.  For this, direct and effective communication plays an important role in carrying out the entire translation and localization process.

The language translation agency in Delhi working for global business organizations must partner and collaborate with the marketing experts, creative teams, and the highly-qualified linguists to translate the advertising content or slogan precisely. It is critical to hire such a language translation company which has a strong and widespread network of marketing experts and foreign language linguists. Through collaboration, the cultural nuances, jargons, slangs, and traditional idioms can be worked out to specifically target the local audience. Various language translation companies in Delhi also offer language transcreation services along with specialized language translation services. Though the transcreation process is a more creative process, the advertising slogans can resonate with the target audience better if done right. 

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