Training Your Dog to Keep Quiet While You're Out

by amelia b. Seo writer

If you've ever witnessed a dog pushing its head against a wall, you'll know how painful that can be. Even a small dog can inflict a decent amount of damage when it tries to push its head against a solid object. For many people, the thought of a dog nipping at its own shins is no enjoyable. But even if your dog isn't attacking you, it's still a frightening prospect. So what can you do?

dog pressing head against wall

The simplest way to deal with a dog pushing head against a wall is simply not to panic. If your dog is determined to move, it will move. You have to accept the fact that it's going to happen and just like with human beings, there are going to be times when it doesn't want to move. Just try not to get too worked up and keep calm.

If your dog seems bent on biting you, try not to give it too much attention, as this will probably irritate it. Concentrate instead on soothing your dog. Don't shout or reprimand, just pet and comfort your dog as best you can. Try not to use physical force either - this can actually cause the dog to release its grip and attack you! Patience is very important here.

Don't let your dog drag its tail around behind you. Dragging its tail around behind you can cause it to lose its balance and injure itself. If you see your dog pawing at its own chest, it's time to take action. Squat down so that the dog can see your legs and stand on its hind legs so that you can pet it. Also try waving your arms and trying to comfort it.

Try not to use force when trying to train your dog to stop nipping at its own shins. Try to find its own toys to play with instead. Also, consider training your dog using positive reinforcement - simply treat your dog whenever it tries to press against your head! Your dog will learn that its pressing its head against the wall will get a reward of affection, so it will stop.

Use treats or toys to make your dog happy to try to train it. This will go a long way to distract your dog from trying to press against your head. If you have a dog that does not trust you, try giving your dog treats and toys as a distraction and the dog may forget about its barking or trying to bite you. Dogs can be trained without hurting them though, if you are brave enough. Always remain consistent in whatever you do.

Try to train your dog to accept others. When your dog is pressurized by someone, it often bites and struggles, especially if it thinks the other person is threatening or is angry. Dogs naturally try to protect their owners, so it is up to you to encourage your dog to trust and obey others. When your dog respects other people and stands firm with them, this will make your dog less likely to resist you when you try to train it to keep quiet or stop barking while you're going out. Just try to be patient and kind - it will pay off.

If you have any health problems, such as a fractured bone, injury to the head or even depression, you should avoid trying to train your dog when it is in those conditions. The dog's mind won't be as open and therefore will be less likely to be receptive to training. It is also a good idea to try and let the dog out of its cage when it's under stress because it will more easily accept discipline when it has an outlet. Remember that patience and kindness will always win in the end. You should have a lot of fun with your dog, but in the end, training your dog to keep quiet and not press against a wall can be very rewarding.

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