"Trade Unafraid" Trading Platform Levels The Playing Field for Retail Traders


We at Grey Matter, LLC are very proud to announce the release of Trade Unafraid, our new stock and option trading platform, which has been in development since 2017. The main aim of Trade Unafraid is to give traders the ability to create precise Trade Plans including setups, filters, and entry and exit tactics. Trade Unafraid then executes these Trade Plans concurrently, with robotic speed, without emotion or hesitation, all without programming.... but it does so, with a difference.

We wanted to try something new with Trade Unafraid. Anyone familiar with conventional stock and option trading tools is aware that these trading platforms, by and large, confine the trader to simplistic order types without the benefit of logic or dynamic updates. For the most part, trailing stops and OCO brackets are where these products stop. Trade Unafraid allows multiple “contradictory” orders to co-exist in a way that other trading platforms will not accept. Such static, restrictive order limitations put the trader at a disadvantage. Changing market conditions are difficult to react to manually. Moves in the trader’s favor can be missed because of the number of clicks necessary to take a profit quickly. Taking partial profits can require complex manual interactions that are multi-step processes with conventional trading software. These trading platforms are not designed for automation, agility, or speed.

Trade Unafraid gives new traders built-in discipline and lightning reflexes by following an explicit Trade Plan and trading it automatically. It allows experienced traders to capitalize on multiple opportunities thanks to its ability to monitor dozens of charts and setups at the same time. In cooperation with the automation, Trade Unafraid provides powerful manual controls giving the trader the ability to intervene in the Trade Plan while still keeping the overall Trade Plan active. The Trade Plan adjusts and adapts to the manual moves made by the trader. We insisted on making it work this way because Trade Unafraid was born out of years of frustration trading with the limitations built into the trading industry’s standard tools. Such trading tools are designed to accommodate the capabilities of the exchanges and the orders it accepts, rather than the needs of the trader. 

We understood that software is far more capable than what these orders allow. By leveraging the power of Trade Unafraid, the trader can break free of these restrictions and create a Trade Plan that makes sense beyond the limited vocabulary of market, limit, and stop. Trade Unafraid makes it easy to trail a stop based on candle lows, automatically move a stop to break even, set multiple automatic profit targets, detect reversals before they turn a winner into a loser, stop out of an option trade based on stock price, and so much more.

Trade Unafraid is intended to level the playing field and give our users an edge. A huge percentage of retail traders fail. These traders are competing with algorithmic trading software and huge institutions; they face a very difficult challenge against their speed, market visibility, and vast trading capital. “Hopium,” FOMO, and poor trade management, often associated with emotional trading decisions, are responsible for so many traders’ losses. Trade Unafraid helps traders to follow a plan, cut their losses quickly, and let their winners run in a mechanical and objective way. With Trade Unafraid, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to feel that using Trade Unafraid is a very different experience from typical trading software. Gone are the sweaty palms, watching the chart without blinking, holding their breath hoping for price to move their way. The trader defined their Trade Plans prior to entering the trade, and they can play out without any action from the trader. 

More setups can be taken, losses can be quick and small, and winning trades can be automatically protected and allowed to run. The stress and decision fatigue of manual, discretionary trading falls away. With Trade Unafraid's automation, more trades can be taken, only the good ones kept, and the Law of Large Numbers can play out without the emotions of fear and greed getting in the way of smart, objective trading.

Trade Unafraid has been available to the public since May, 2021. We aim to create innovative products for traders, unrestricted by conventional thinking..

Trade Unafraid is available now at To find out more, visit Additional content is available at Trade Unafraid - YouTube and Trade Unafraid blog

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