Top Website Design Trends that we expect to see in 2020

by Simon Hopes Author

Trends are a common occurrence in every industry and every business. This fact is especially true of graphic and website design. It is easy to track the changes and developments in websites and online platforms through the trends that we have seen through this technologically advanced age.

Through critical analysis and following of past and current trends, we have compiled a list of what our team at Blue Whale Media Ltd think will be the most popular trends of the coming year.

Adaptive and Responsive Design

Perhaps more of a necessity than a trend, an adaptive website is a must if you are striving for success. In recent years, Google has favoured and rewarded websites that place more importance on being mobile responsive first. In addition to a webpage being visually appealing, it is vital that a website is easily adapted to suit whatever platform it is being viewed on. Any web designer worth their salt will know that the coding and design of a desktop web page would not effectively translate to a mobile device.

In addition to any text or visual media changes, a selection of different elements may be lost in translation when adapting a website to mobile. Menu bars and tabs need to be rearranged and updated or you may face a reduction in traffic and penalisation from search engines. In 2020, websites must adapt or face extinction.

Motion Design

Modern life has made the average consumer less patient and hungry for new and exciting content every time they visit your webpage. Our Web Design Manchester team have seen a range of interesting ways to implement motion design into websites that attract new visitors and provide an interesting focal point for web pages.


Animated GIFs and other styles of motion design are an efficient, stimulating and engaging way of delivering fast information. Through the art of the visual language, business and companies can condense even the most complex ideas and information into bitesize chunks. What's more, motion design and GIFs are mobile-friendly and responsive.

Video Content

Not necessarily a new trend in website design, but video content has always been a huge trend in recent years. With a majority of users wishing to limit the amount of time that they spend on each webpage, businesses are looking for more time-efficient ways to provide their visitors with important and beneficial information. Statistics show that 96% of visitors to websites explore a product or service they are interested in through the available video content and that a staggering 79% of internet users say that a promotional video is what persuades them to invest in a service.

As much of a sure thing as video content seems to be, it is important to stick to a few of the known rules of success if you are hoping that your project is lucrative. For example, our Web Design Manchester team recommend that your videos be no more than 5 minutes in length, simple in design and minimalist in its deliver. Try not to overwhelm your audience and keep your content specific and unique to your promotional video. Do not recycle material from your website as it can turn users away.

White Space

White space is a principal element of web design and is recognised as an easy way to attract attention. White space can be active or passive. Active white space is positive and showcases your ability to design a webpage that users can easily navigate through. Designers and developers use active white space as a certain way to guide the user through the website.

Passive white space is categories such as line spacing and other aesthetic choices. Passive white space is a conscious design choice that is guaranteed to improve the overall appearance of your site.


Perhaps one of the most important trends in the coming months; your website must offer interactivity to users. Visitors to your site must be engaged and stimulated with complex, versatile and dynamic web design elements that lead the eye to services and products that you want your audience to see. To stand out from flat written content, your site can utilise video, polls or animations to engage your customers and audience.


Our Web Design Manchester team at Blue Whale Media Ltd are dedicated to assisting our customers in creating a website that is indicative of their services and perfectly represents their business. For more information or to discuss how we can update your website to see you through 2020, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team.

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