Top Reasons to Get Your Stool Tested for Microbiome

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
The bacteria in the human gut, mouth, skin and other parts of the body are often as a whole, referred to as the human “Micro Biome”. The Microbiome is composed of more than 100 trillion microorganisms. For every gene in your genome, there are about 100 bacterial genes. The genomic technology has so developed that it is capable of viewing the second genome by sequencing particular variable regions in bacterial genome.  Each of the species of bacteria are different and unique and their sequencing differs from one another. The sequence having been detected, reveals the particular bacteria present in a human gut.

Importance of the Bacteria in the Human Gut

Bacteria perform significant functions like assimilating food and producing vitamins. New studies have also linked the micro biome to human attitude through gut-brain axis, as well as many other gut ailments, weight gain, eczema and so on

How Is It Done?

Stool Testing for Microbiome begins with the stool sample being collected and must be fresh or the bacteria in the stool sample might die off which can mess up the entire test or the analysis.  For optimal results stool samples must be sent back to us on the same day as collected.

What does the Stool Test tell You About The Microbiome in Your Body

Firstly, In case of a patient suffering from diarrhea, cramping, gas, etc., you might be having a parasite within you.  The doctor calls for an ova and parasite examination. Stool samples collected over separate days are required to determine the existence of a parasite and the type of the same. The stool ssample is further screened for parasite eggs.

Secondly, for someone suffering from abdominal pain, cramping, chronic fatigue and rectal bleeding; the patient could have Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Stool test  is performed to check for signs of inflammation, specifically if there is a presence of calprotectin and/or lactoferrin.

There are many other diseases and deficiencies that can be revealed through Stool Testing for Microbiome can tell.  If you’re looking for a good advice on this, you could check out

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