Top Mobile App Development Trends Set to Dominate in 2022

by Monali Kapadiya Digital Marketing Executive

Google Play Store and Apple App Store have over 2.89 and 1.85 million apps respectively. Though hundreds of apps keep on adding to these app stores daily, many entrepreneurs tend to jump on the mobile app bandwagon. As a result, mobile app development services are gaining ground in the corporate world quite rapidly. In this post, we are going to see the top mobile app development trends we need to look for in the year 2022 and beyond. 

It is fair to mention that tech-savvy customers or app users expect more features with seamless functionality in mobile apps. These days, all mobile app development trends focus primarily on increasing user engagement by enhancing their experiences. These trends are aimed at bringing digital transformation into complex business processes. App development companies utilize these trends to attract more users while retaining the existing ones. 

Here are the top seven trends set to rule in the coming years. 

Top Seven Mobile App Development Trends for 2022

1. Rise of Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is already used in various industry sectors for training and education purposes. We will witness the rise of this visual technology for providing remote assistance in real-time. Manufacturing, retail, and other B2C sectors will use this technology to provide an engaging experience to customers or users. As two of the promising mobile app development trends, AR and VR technologies will contribute to reducing the incidents of unwanted downtimes in modern enterprises in years to come. 

2. Streamlining of Blockchain

Blockchain is streamlining rapidly across various industry sectors. It has a lot of scope in managing supply chains and inventory, and mobile app development services will utilize this capability to make apps for transportation, logistics, retail, and eCommerce sectors. The BFSI sector will also leverage the benefits of blockchain to make online transactions highly secure. Finally, as cryptocurrencies are getting traction, we can expect the rise of blockchain wallets in the year 2022 and beyond. 

3. Advent of 5G

It’s time to welcome the 5G network! After getting rid of several conspiracy theories, this much-awaited technology is expected to come at the end of 2021. It will be 100 times faster and more stable as compared to the current 4G connectivity. This super-fast technology will bring radical changes in data sharing and live streaming processes. Mobile app development companies will make apps ready for the super-fast 5G technology. 

4. Increase in AI/ML Popularity

One of the most interesting features of AI technology is predictive analytics. Mobile app developers will integrate models based on this concept into business apps. It can assist entrepreneurs to make informed decisions with the help of accurate data analysis.

5. Enhancements in UI

Touch-based user interfaces have become exhausted. Mobile app development services will give an innovative touch to the app’s interface. It is predicted that users will get voice or gesture-based interfaces in the year 2022. Such interfaces will be proven a game-changer for elderly and differently-abled users. 

6. Improvements based on IoT

IIoT (Industrial IoT) and Industry 4.0 are the most happening trends across all industry sectors. Advancing IoT technology will enable industrialists to make the most of these concepts through robust infrastructure and feature-rich mobile apps. As per Statista report, the global value of IoT is expected to cross $6 trillion by 2025. AIoT (AI and IoT) can enable entrepreneurs to come up with the right set of connected devices that can learn from the daily usage data. We can expect innovative IoT apps based on the combination of AI and IoT.

7. On-demand Apps in Demand

Though we have many on-demand apps available these days, the thriving service sector demands more innovative apps to meet the ever-changing expectations of customers. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that all the mobile app development trends mentioned here will be integrated into on-demand apps to make them more user-friendly and sophisticated. On-demand app development will remain one of the hottest trends of the year 2022.  

Apart from these trends, it is interesting to see how wearables and the BYOD concept will give an excellent user experience and enhance the productivity of companies.  

Concluding Lines

These trends will take mobile app development services to a new level. With advancing technologies, we can certainly expect that app developers will tackle some of the toughest challenges with innovative features. It is interesting to see how these trends will transform mobile app development from a business-centric to a customer-centric process. 

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