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In basic terms, associate degree eco-house, by design and construction, minimises its environmental impact. This could mean the house is designed to use minimal energy and/or replaces the ecology lost when the house is built through, for instance, the inclusion of a green roof.

Here, we set out the key elements of creating an eco-friendly home.

Key Elements of an Eco Home

What’s additional, an eco-house could include some or all of the following:

  • High levels of insulation
  • High levels of airtightness
  • Good levels of daylight
  • Superior double or triple-glazed windows
  • Passive solar orientation — glazing oriented south for light and heat. And, minimum north-facing glazing to reduce heat loss
  • Thermal mass to absorb that solar heat
  • Brise soleil, deep overhangs, air conditioning and other features to manage to overheat
  • Heating and/or hot water provision from a renewable source (such as solar, heat pump or biomass)
  • A healthy indoor environment, which may include a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system in a highly airtight home
  • Specifying electricity from a ‘green’ supplier
  • Natural materials and avoidance of plastics
  • Rainwater harvesting and greywater collection
  • Living off-mains.

It helps to treat this list as a menu rather than a shopping list, picking elements best suited to the project, the site and the occupants.

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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most prominent features of a sustainable building. From small measures like sealing air ducts to preventing air leakages to larger initiatives like using renewable resources for heating and cooling systems, every aspect of the building is sensitive to the environment. Top energy-saving techniques incorporated in green buildings include installation of solar panels, energy-efficient lights and timer-adjusted street lights. These buildings also generate energy from non-exhaustible resources like tidal and hydroelectric power.

High-quality indoor environment

A green building benefits all the stakeholders of the building – including the occupants! Each unit is designed to ensure residents ample amounts of natural light, panoramic views, and superior air quality. A home in a sustainable development doubles as a tight envelope from noise and air pollution, improving the health and well-being of its residents. Furthermore, since all units are sealed from the toxins of polluted air, this also keeps moisture at bay which, in turn, reduces the possibility of mould or mildew.

Eco-friendly construction materials

Development is characterised as a sustainable one right from its inception. The construction and design are implemented keeping existing fauna and flora in mind, with eco-friendly raw materials that are purchased from local suppliers. Few of the top sustainable materials used in green buildings include recycled metal, recycled stone, certified third-party forest wood, bamboo and straw, to name a few.

Prior to construction, the site is deep-cleaned from pollutants and toxic materials that can counteract sustainability. The ideal location for a sustainable building is a site that is unused and needs to be redeveloped, in order to contribute to the infrastructure of society. Farmlands and fields cannot be considered as an ideal site for development since they are natural habitats and are vital aspects of the green spaces around us.

Efficient waste management

Overflowing landfills are a pressing concern in urban cities today, making efficient waste management the need of the hour. Eco-friendly Apartments in Bangalore are constructed with the main objective of keeping wastage to a minimum. Waste materials generated during development are recycled into new materials or composted for reuse. Even the wastewater that is conventionally directed to sewage plants is treated onsite to reduce the building’s carbon footprint. However, the concept of sustainability is not restricted to the construction phase alone. Even after occupation, green buildings offer efficient waste management systems with the segregation of wet and dry waste to further reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Water preservation

Water is one of our most-valued exhaustible resources. Flats For Sale In Bangalore North gives top priority to water efficiency right from construction to completion. Few of the sustainable initiatives taken to conserve water include installation of low-flow water fixtures that do the job with half the amount of water consumption and ample rainwater harvesting. Another important feature of green buildings is the use of alternative water sources for irrigation and sanitation.

Healthy living

Green buildings are built for sustainability by nurturing the flora and fauna around them. This means that these developments feature fresh open spaces and lush landscapes that promote a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the amenities and facilities provided are nature-centric with scenic jogging trails, thriving gardens and green parks that captivate your senses and teleport you to a world that is free of pollution and contamination. This, in turn, will have a huge positive impact on your mind, body, and soul – which is something we lack in today’s fast-moving city life.

An integral characteristic of an inexperienced building is its stress on protective existing ecologies and rising ecologies which will are broken within the past. Green buildings are typically made on environmentally sensitive lands or antecedently developed property, with measures taken to restore plant life. Green buildings additionally utilize fewer materials, through efficient design and elimination of unnecessary finish materials. In addition, green building operations promote material as well as water recycling in their operation.



To sum up, inexperienced buildings not solely contribute towards property construction and atmosphere however it additionally brings voluminous advantages and blessings to assembling homeowners and users. Lower development prices, lower in operation prices, raised comforts, healthier indoor atmosphere quality, and increased sturdiness and fewer maintenance prices are hallmarks of a typical inexperienced building.

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