Top Gut Bacteria Tests for Leaky Gut

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
Human Gut is the very base of the body’s health and an entrance to the whole of the human body because food when consumed goes through the gut for digestion. It is thus the first line of defense against the harmful bacteria and is that which absorbs nutrients and where the gut microbes dwell. Poorer the gut health, poorer the immunity and hence greater the chances of diseases! As evident from researches, there are about 40 trillion bacteria in a person’s body with most of which populate within the gut. But not all the bacteria inhabiting the gut are probiotics or good bacteria. There are some that harm the human body thereby causing diseases. Therefore to find out the microbial components of the body, it is necessary that Gut bacteria is tested. In the following article, we shall try to understand the types of tests which could provide some help in treating leaky gut and see where you can duly get Gut Bacteria Test in Australia.

First of all let us define Leaky Gut and what happens as a result of leaky gut. The leaky gut syndrome is a disorder in which the inside layer of the small intestine is damaged which causes undigested food particles, lethal waste products and bacteria which unstopped, passes through the gastrointestinal system and flood the blood-stream. These imported and alien substances that enter the blood stream and can cause adverse effects on the body such as inflammatory as well as allergic reactions like migraines, chronic fatigue, and rheumatoid arthritis and so on. During the leaky Gut Syndrome, the damaged cells that are present in the gut cease to create enzymes that are necessary for the appropriate digestion. This results in hormonal imbalances and the immune system is weakened.

Having seen what leaky gut is and how it affects the body let us see what type of gut bacteria tests could help in the treatment of the same.

Types of Bacteria Tests for Leaky Gut Syndrome

The Old School Lactulose & Mannitol Test looks at the degree of permeability of a particular person’s gut. The Tests are rather simple in which two different types of non-metabolized sugar with one lactulose and the other with mannitol are tested. After this, the patient’s urine is tested. If the lactulose has passed in through the inner layer of the small intestine and have found their way into the urine, the gut might be considered leaky.

Blood Zonulin Tests: In this Test, the Zonulin is tested to find out if a person is suffering from Leaky Gut syndrome. Zonulin affects the Tight Junctions. Now, Tight
Junctions decide on what to permit to enter into the gut and what not. This is to say that the greater the permeability the greater is the possibility of a leaky gut.

Stool Test: two samples of the person’s fecal matter must be collected over a span of a day in more than twelve hours apart. The Test enables the doctor to find out the bacterial composition in the gut, overgrowth of yeast, parasites, and signs of inflammation and so on.

If you are suffering from Leaky Gut, or are found with such symptoms, it is better that you get your Gut bacteria tested. And a trustworthy place to get Gut Bacteria Test in Australia is Allele Microbiome. Do consider contacting them for more information.

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