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by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder
You don't know what is it that you are not getting hits on your website and not getting traffic on your website. So not sitting on top let's add in another layer you can add in a shape layer so you have your selection Markey your rectangular marquee selection two at the top but this rectangle down here is actually shape. So this is the rectangle tool you can see digital marketing service we have rounded rectangle ellipse polygon line in custom shape. Let's just pick. Let's do a custom shape tool we'll make it a little more interesting. Or let's do a polygon tool.
So, we'll select Polygon. You can see it the options at the top that we have a fill and a stroke. And how big the stroke is. And then you can see how many sides. Let's change the sides to let's just say an eight-sided polygon and let's change the digital media companies in mumbai fill color. This is going to be the color that it is actually going to be for the polygon. So you can click on that and then you can click the little color window here to bring up your color picker and select it as we did before. Or you can just go ahead and select one of these colors here so I'm just going to say pick this orange color. Find out best results with 99Profile.

Top digital media companies in mumbai:
So I've selected that and changed my Phil to orange. That's what the shape color will be. And it's an eight-sided shape. So if I click out in this document and I drag you can see it creates a polygon for us. So let me select the move tool so you can see what's going on here.
  • And it created a new polygon layer inside of the layers panel that the polygon layer is sitting on top of the hello layer and the hello layer or the type layer is sitting on top digital media companies in mumbai of the blue background layer. So based on the way that these are ordered is the way that you'll see them ordered on the screen because a polygon layer is on top.
  • It's actually over everything else. And then the hello layer or the top layer is underneath the polygon but above the blue background. And that's what we see. And then the blue background is in the back. Let's say we want to have the polygon layer in between the hello and the blue background. So we want the polygon behind the hello and hello to sit on top.
  • Well then we just click and drag and we can reorder that layer. We can also manipulate this layer underneath just like digital media companies in mumbai we would do before. So if I select the move too I can click and move that and then now we have our blue background layer and then we have our polygon layer in the middle and then we have our type layer the hello layer sitting on top.
  • So, that's a nice easy way for you to organize and use layers and you can delete them out and they have some options that you can change. You can actually search for different types of layers. So if I click on this there for type it shows me just the type layers which is that Hello layer. So that's really nice.
  • If I click it again it will D select and now I see everything. So you can select by different types of layers you have those at the top here and then we have different blending modes.

Advantages of having a Digital Marketing Agency:
We have the opacity so we can actually change how trains parents this type layer is if we want to make it less transparent we can do that we have 
digital media companies in mumbai different options so if we do want to go ahead and lock down this type layer we can actually do that by clicking this lock icon here. 
  1. Now what happens is I can't move that layer. It's actually going to drag the layer underneath because I can't select the hello layer and undo that and I walk down the polygon layer with that lock.
  2. I can't select either one and it's going to drag the background layer because it's the only thing left. So we'll go ahead and lock that down. Now I can't accidentally select digital media companies in mumbai anything and won't let me pick and choose anything at all because all of the layers have been locked.
  3. So let's go ahead and unlock those then we have some other options at the top. We have different ways to add styling and masks and effects and all these different options at the bottom creating a new layer and deleting layers.
  4. So some of these like this affects you can do things like glows and shadows and overlays and then there are some image adjustments that you can do such as brightness and contrast and changing the hue and saturation and so forth. 

Then there's a mask button if you want to add in a mask and then there's also a little folder here and this is for creating a layer group. So if I click on that folder that's going to drop in this group icon here and I can click and drag that wherever I want. Let's put it at the top. Now right now nothing is inside of it.
So if I hide it or show it you see digital media companies in mumbai nothing happened. However, if I click and hold down on a layer and I drag it into that instead of going to the line above it. But I actually go into that group. You can see it highlights the whole box there. And I let go. It has actually placed that type layer inside of this group. So now I can collapses the folder.
I don't have to see the type layer but it's inside this folder it's inside this group. If I hide the group you can see that it goes away. So let me open that back up and you can see it there. So when I hide this it hides that type layer so you can create groups of layers.

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