Top 7 eCommerce Photo Editing Companies in the USA

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Summary: This post explains the leading eCommerce photo editing companies in the United States of America. The comparison is on the basis of various factors including location, years of experience, number of projects, number of employees, number of clients, and their available services.

Best eCommerce Image Editing Service Providers

Every product owner wants to present their commodity in the best manner. For this, a business needs high-quality images that can attract customers and help make a lasting impression. It influences a sale and helps businesses make more profit and be successful. A reliable eCommerce photo editing services company can be a helpful source to generate more revenue. They can enhance the features of a photograph by balancing brightness, removing backgrounds, repairing scratches, and correcting figures.

“The market size of photography in the United States is $9.8 billion. It is one of the top 40% of the most profitable industries in the US market. The average growth rate is 2.5% between 2014–2019. It is expected to grow at a rate of 1.8% over the next five years.”

Are you still wondering about the right eCommerce image editing services to move forward with? Are you still looking for a company that will best suit your needs? Well then, this is the right place to start and to solve all your queries.

In this post, we enlist the top 7 eCommerce photo editing services providing companies that can help you decide. Here we discuss the various factors that can help you conclude and choose the right fit for your business.

Following are the factors on which we enlist the companies as some of the best in the industry:


Number of employees

Years of experience

Number of projects

Number of clients

After reading this, you can have a clearer view of the services being offered in the market. You can gather all the intelligence here and make your own inquiries before making the final decision.

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  • Location — Laguna Beach, California City, & New Delhi, India
  • Number of employees — 3,400
  • Years of experience — 20+
  • Number of projects — 3600+
  • Number of clients — 7800+

SunTec India has been a leading name in the outsourcing arena since 1999. It is an ISO certified firm in “Information Security” that proves their commitment towards data confidentiality. They also make each employee working on a project to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your copyright images.

Their services include eCommerce photo editing services like adding, removing, replacing objects from the photograph, improving resolution, lightning, picture quality, features, and figures. They can even add or remove borders, backgrounds, watermarks, signatures, and shadows from an image. They also correct orientation, adjust tones, contrast, brighten key elements, and resize photos for thumbnail, normal, and zoom view.

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  • Location — Laguna Beach, California
  • Number of employees — 450+
  • Years of experience — 7+
  • Number of projects — 1200+ Amazon stores
  • Number of clients — 8500+

Data4Amazon is one of the top eCommerce product image editing services providing companies. They make sure that your product ranks high in searches. They optimize your image to persuade customers to make a purchase. Their services include correcting color issues, lightening, removing stains, blemishes, unclear background, watermarks, border, and shadows.

They are also good in Amazon image processing, retouching, editing, enhancement, orientation change, image masking, and naming. Also, part of their services in image cropping, resizing, and noise reduction. They produce output in any format including JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) format, TIFF (.tif/.tiff) and PNG (.png).

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  • Location — New Delhi, India & California, USA
  • Number of employees — 200+
  • Years of experience — 12+
  • Number of projects — 300+
  • Number of clients — 1500+ eCommerce stores

SAMM Data Services boasts of free trial services before taking on new projects. It can help you make a choice based on the results they produce. Their services include the usual adjusting light, color, contrast, image cropping, removal of background, patches, blemishes, sunburns, and spots.

They also use layer masking, transparency masking, and alpha channel masking techniques to make your images more lively. They create shadows around your product pictures so they look three dimensional. Their website also mentions that they can process 10,000 images daily.

SAMM Data Services is a prominent eCommerce product image editing services provider company. They are ISO certified for quality and information security and can submit work within a quick turnaround time of 24hrs. Their professionals are experts in technology like Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS6 and Lightroom 5.0 to produce high-quality outcomes.

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  • Locations — Laguna Beach, California City, CA 92651
  • Number of employees — 500+
  • Years of experience — 6+
  • Number of projects — 1500+
  • Number of clients — 1500+ eCommerce stores and online retailers

Data4eCom is a leading product image editing services provider company that removes any background, patches, blemishes, spots, and sunburns. They can create product images for thumbnail, zoom, and custom sizes. They can even crop images, adjust color, contrast, light, create shadows, and use masking techniques.

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  • Location — California, USA
  • Number of employees — 100+
  • Years of experience — 19+
  • Number of projects — 5100+
  • Number of clients — 4000+

Team4eCom is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality control that proves their commitment to 100% accuracy. They are available 24*7 to communicate and solve any queries. They deal with industries from diverse verticals like automobile accessories, electronic products, medical equipment, household appliances, furniture, gardening tools, and more like this.

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  • Location — Laguna Beach, CA & New Delhi, India
  • Number of employees — 600+
  • Years of experience — 13+
  • Number of projects — 350+
  • Number of clients — 3600 is another top eCommerce product image editing company that has clients worldwide. They optimize photos without compromising on quality. Their professionals create visually enticing photographs that can improve sales conversions. They also offer a free sample of their work that allows you to check their efficiency.

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  • Location —Laguna Beach, CA
  • Number of employees — 270
  • Years of experience — 11+
  • Number of projects — 500+

QuikTek Info is another eCommerce image editing company that primarily deals with product photo editing. Their services include a product image, cropping, clipping, cutting out, resizing, scaling, retouching, masking, and removing borders. They also specialize in product color correction, removal of unwanted elements, correcting orientation, and removing borders.

For this, they use the latest PCs, monitors, and Adobe Photoshop Editor (CS6 version) to make your images look the best. Their services are affordable and make your customers look twice at your product images. Their product photo editing services take input from a secure FTP server. Then, they directly upload the pictures to any eCommerce website that you choose.

Why Outsource Product Photo Editing & Retouching Services?

Here are some reasons that can enable you to outsource your services to a reliable vendor:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • High-quality images
  • More conversions
  • Increases profit and ROI
  • Cuts overall cost by 40–60%
  • Modern infrastructure
  • 100% accuracy
  • 100% data confidentiality

Hopefully, all this information will be enough to decide and choose an eCommerce photo editing company. It is useful intelligence for any individual contractor, a small or large business looking to repair old images or improve new ones. You can visit their website for more information or contact them directly on their official email.


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