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Do you want your website to get built with PHP? Do you know about the different PHP frameworks? If not, then here's the article about the top 6 frameworks shared by an expert of a leading PHP development company


Since its inception, PHP is considered the most popular and favoured choice of programming language for web development. Known as the most power-packed, easy to learn, secure, scalable, and feature-rich language, PHP is used by nearly 82 percent of websites. 


However, to make web development easier with this server-side scripting language, there are some frameworks available like CodeIgniter, Laravel, and more. These frameworks are well-structured, which makes it easy to work with and maintain the codes without creating a mess on any coding files. The codes are always aligned properly and are of high-quality when they are written on these PHP frameworks. And the best thing is that if the programmer leaves the project due to any reason in the middle of the development process, the new developers won’t have any difficulty and confusion in the codes if they are written on any of these platforms or frameworks. Even beginners can use these easily for building PHP websites. 


Want to know more about what these are and how they are used for efficient PHP development? Here are the top 6 frameworks you must know. 



Symfony is a popular PHP-based framework. It is the best option for building robust web apps for businesses. Focused on the MVC or the Model View Controller structure, this framework allows easy development of web projects with the customisation of almost every element, which makes it easy for web developers to meet the client needs with ease. 


Advantages of using Symfony:

  • A well-designed interface
  • A large active community
  • Offers enhanced security of websites
  • Symfony is easy to maintain



Laravel is probably one of the best PHP-based frameworks available today. It is known for its simplicity and elegance. Laravel, with all its feature, meets a broad range of web development needs using this scripting language. From beginners to experts, Laravel is a good choice for all. It is a solid framework and is well-tested and completely reliable. 


Pros of using Laravel:

  • Laravel ensures faster execution of web development
  • Easy error handling
  • Reliable routing
  • It has a large community support



 CodeIgniter is a widely-used PHP framework that most of the developers love to work with for building web applications or websites. It comes with a set of web development tools for developing fully-featured web apps. It used the MVC architecture and is much faster than the other available PHP-based frameworks. 

  • Good choice for even the beginners as it is easy to understand, setup and configure. 
  • Faster as compared to the other frameworks available. 
  • Offers exceptional performance to websites.
  • No restrictive rules for coding



CakePHP is another open-source PHP framework, introduced back in the year 2005. It offers a clean and easy to understand structure for writing codes following the MVC approach. CakePHP is one of the most flexible frameworks on the list. With this framework, developers can easily read, update, create, and delete anything they want at any point of time. 


Benefits of using PHP development:

  • High flexibility
  • Less coding
  • Easy web development
  • A cost-efficient option



Yii is an object-oriented and open-source PHP framework known and favoured for its high-security feature. The latest version of the framework, Yii 2 ensures a faster loading process, is easy to install and is much lighter than the previous version. 


Advantages of using Yii for web development:

  • Eliminates repetition of code writing
  • Faster PHP framework for large-scale web applications. 
  • Ensures faster performance
  • Handles a huge number of requests per second
  • Protects sensitive data against all kinds of threats



Phalcon is also an open-source PHP framework that uses much less memory as compared to the other available frameworks. Hence, the time request used for this framework is pretty less than the other. The high speed makes it a preferred framework for web developers. Capable of handling a large number of HTTP requests at a time, Phalcon reduces resource usage. 


Though there are many more frameworks available, these 6 were the best ones developers prefer to work with for building ROI-driven web applications and websites. 


Jonathan Paul is a dedicated and skilled web developer associated with the best PHP development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. With expertise in this scripting language, the author has written this article to unbox the top 6 PHP-based frameworks for website development for both SMEs and enterprises.

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