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How often do you wonder to sleep more than 12 hours? But can your sleep for so long? Not maybe, it is because 12 hours of sleep is not normal for a grown up. 7-8 hours of sleep is what your body craves for and that too on the best mattress in India. Sleeping 12 hours everyday can be harmful for your health.

Let’s check out some of the formulas to help you sleep:

Bid Adieu To Heavy Meals

When you find yourself dizzy but when you lay down to sleep, suddenly you can’t. After numerous attempts to sleep, you can’t. It is because of your fully stuffed stomach. It raises the discomfort of your body and further the mind. Try to have your dinner 3-4 hours prior to the sleep and eat or drink something light before you go to sleep.

Caffeine’s Are A Strict No

Yes, caffeine’s are tasty, addictive and boosts your energy but what is doesn’t do is let you sleep. You might get shocked to know that caffeine can actually disturb your sleep upto 10-12 hours. Cut down you caffeine habits as much you can and then you will find a solution to your ‘Good-Night Sleep’.

Smooth And Soft Mattress

A soft mattress can make you feel sleepy even when you don’t want to. A great mattress is the basic necessity to sleep well in the night and relax well all day long. A smooth mattress doesn’t only help you get a good sleep, also it keeps you healthy. You can find the best mattress in India to sleep tight at night.

Cut Down Your Alcohol Habits

Alcohol is bad for everything you talk about, this particular habit can disturb your mental health and physical health as well. Thus, if both physical and mental health is not in the right state, it is vague to think of a good sleep. If you are drinking in daytime also, yet it has the ability to cut down your sleep cycle. So, clearly you need to stay away from alcohol.

Stick To One Habit

Usually everyone have a fixed routine to their life and our body gets used to that fixed routine. So while you have maintained a routine for a while, try to maintain it as much possible. Whenever there is a disturbance in your routine, your sleep will suffer. In the other hand, when you don’t have any routine at all, you body will suffer. When you don’t have a fixed routine, your mind and body doesn’t understand the process and thus refuses to sleep at any random time.

Snacks In-Between Sleep Helps

Light snacks can help you to go to bed in a comfortable physical condition. And while you get up from the sleep and crave for some food, you can have some little snacks like biscuit, banana or low-sugar cereal. These small snacks help you to get back to sleep with calmer mind. You can also experiment with various food items to check which item suits you better.

So, these are some of the ways to help you sleep better at night. Now, you must find the best mattress in India to get a good healthy sleep tonight.

Top 6 Formulas To Sleep Tight At Night

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