Top 5 Vitamins and Supplements for Weight Loss

by Lawrencia Queen Flaherty CEO of Livewell Nutrition Ltd

All over the world, weight loss is the most trending issue among the people. Modern lifestyle leads people towards obesity and other hazardous health problems.  In general, people tend to take healthy diet and to do exercise for reducing their excessive weight.

However, many struggles to reduce their fat after doing proper exercise and keep following a strict healthy diet. For such people, expert’s suggestions would be to buy supplements and vitamins online because they might be in lack of one or more vitamins and a few other vital nutrients.

Vitamins and Supplements for Weight loss:

If a healthy diet and exercise plan does not offer the expected results, then it might be a vitamin or nutrients deficient. The inadequate vitamins and nutrients can get balance by consuming the supplements externally can be a handy thing.

By consuming the right dosage of supplements of vitamins properly will satisfy the human body nutrients cravings and it will eventually reduce the consumption of junk and unhealthy food.

Here in this article, the list of top vitamins and supplements for weight loss offering supplements briefed.

Top 5 Vitamins and Supplements for Weight Loss:

1.    Protein powder:

When it comes to weight loss program consumption of protein is inevitable, as they are responsible for building and maintaining healthy muscle. Regular consumption of an adequate amount of protein with your meals will reduce the body fat and increase the lean muscle mass.

2.    Vitamin D2 and D3:

Reduction of normal level of Vitamin D on the human body will lead to the conversion of sugar into fat, eventually; this will leads towards the obesity problem. In general, the human body harvests enough Vitamin D from direct sunlight.

In most cases, people who are physically inactive may fact victim of becoming obesity and metabolic syndrome. Consuming Vitamin D2 and D3 will balance the presence of Vitamin D in the human body.

3.    Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Omega-3 is well-known for its health benefits of reducing cholesterol and improves the heart health. In addition, it also plays a handy role in reducing excessive weights from the human body. The presence of Omega-3 will initiate the fat burning process in the human body.

Omega – 3 naturally found in fish oil, salmon and nuts. Weight loss diet would list those nuts, however, most people prefer to not to eat those nut believing as it will gain fat.

4.    Iron:

As per the researchers, people in this modern world are currently facing two major threads in form of iron deficiency and obesity. Men should consume 8mg and women needs 18mg per day, consuming iron tablets are necessary for women during their menstruation period.

5.    Magnesium:

 Just like that, the mineral Magnesium too plays a significant role in losing weight. The magnesium supplements make human muscle relaxed and provide enough sleep to human. As per the research, poor sleep will lead to poor metabolism and it will lead to obesity. 

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