Top 5 tips to rent the proper developers for your software development company

by Kulgorvi Yadav Digital Marketing excutive

In my decades-long experience within the software industry, I had an opportunity to figure with tons of highly talented developers, and a couple of who weren't so great. From my years of observation, I can clearly tell anyone that, “The success of a software development company greatly depends upon its developers”, almost like that of a producing company that uses leading edge machinery to create their products.

If you're a CEO or a business owner of a growing start-up or medium-sized company, you'll ask this question multiple times in your mind, but the solution is straightforward , “you need to rewire your hiring strategy”.

According to my insight, the hiring process in many tech start-ups isn't that great.

It will be hard to predict the talents of a programmer during a few short hours of the interview process. But If you revamp the normal process of hiring, you'll get some truly great developers.

And I'm close to list that out for you during this blog post. Let's dig in.


1.Hire a tech-savvy software developer

A recent statistics indicated that nearly 70% of the Americans are dissatisfied with their job. this might flow from to different reasons like a nasty manager, but one thing is obvious , most of them are having a scarcity of interest within the domain they work for.

“Developers who do their job for his or her living can ruin your company”, sound’s weird right? but believe that deeply. it makes tons of sense.

Hence you ought to give more specialize in assessing the interviewee’s multiple tech skills, instead of giving more concentration to his area of specialization and theoretical knowledge. Hiring developers who view coding as fun might be the simplest resource that you simply can ever get.

Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux kernel(the kernel for Linux operating systems) once said that “Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to urge paid or get adulation by the general public , but because it's fun to program.”


2. Only hire developers who have good communication skills

Hiring developers solely supported their coding skills is one among the most important mistakes that a software development company could ever make.

Collaboration is that the key to a successful software development project, aside from coding, developers got to communicate with clients, project management, sales, and support. As their job progresses, developers end up to spend tons of their time communicating rather than coding.

Most recruiters often neglect this important skill in their recruitment process which has the potential to impart success for your projects, gain trust together with your clients, and therefore the ability to figure well with others.

If I were to rent a developer from two candidates. Let’s say, Brad and Peter. From my assessment, I found that Brad has fairly good coding abilities and communication skills. Whereas Peter is on the downside together with his ability to speak efficiently but has excellent coding skills in comparison to Brad. during this case, i might prefer Brad.

He would be the right fit as a developer since he can communicate his ideas to his managers and clients during a crisp and empathetic manner. i might consider this much more valuable than having excellent programming knowledge alone.


3. Hire Someone Who is innovative

During your hiring process, hire a developer who is smarter and innovative than you instead of giving preference to someone who has more theoretical knowledge.

Developers that possess high creativity can give many useful insights which will be helpful for your organization.

Your software development company are often raised into a highly innovative place as long as you hire for innovation.

In my opinion, a whiteboard test is more suitable to assess a candidate’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. you'll ask them to see a project requirement in their mind and write the solutions for that on the board, aside from asking them with generic questions.


4. Hire a developer who features a portfolio to point out

A developer who is more passionate in his work always attempt to learn new things and can have expertise in multiple projects and technologies. Hence he will have something to showcase it you during the interview, it's going to be within the sort of a portfolio that explains intimately about his previous projects.

It will be a wise decision to rent developers that showcases their portfolios during the hiring process.



5. Hire a developer who is flexible to adapt new technologies

What would happen if you tell a backend developer who had only worked in c# to modify to python?

A highly flexible developer will learn that technology during a few days.

A lot of developers switch their companies thanks to this reason. So hire developers who are flexible to adopt new technologies.

Developers that are having high problem-solving abilities can easily switch between multiple technologies or development tools.


Wrapping up


I have shared with you the highest 5 tips for hiring the proper developers for your software development company

This will work whether you're a medium-sized, start-up or maybe a multinational company.

These tips also can be beneficial to offshore software development companies that wish to build up their business quickly. this will assist you to rent developers that are well versed altogether important fields.

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