Top 5 Things that Make Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand Unique

by Yoga Retreat Thailand Blog Writer

The ‘Land of Smiles’ is calling upon yogis from far and wide to throw off the bowlines and sail far, far away. There is much vim to life in Thailand along the sun-kissed sea, into the rainforests of deep calm, and embedded in the heritage and history of the land. Yoga is the supreme journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self which can find joy unbound here in the unending festivals of life. Today we have some of the better known traditional institutions from India spreading the light of wisdom in this beautiful country through comprehensive Yoga Training courses having a great coverage of classical and contemporary notions of yoga, keeping participants effectively engaged forever in a life of love, peace, and sustenance as in the Land of Smiles.

There are umpteen reasons why Thailand is topping the charts as the location for yoga teacher training in Asia—a surrounding of pure nature, a culture vibrant with joy and brimming with year-round festivities, the aura of meditative peace which is the foundation of Theravada Buddhism in the land, and yoga of the roots carried forward seamlessly from India- the very land of birth of yoga.

To take a yoga teacher training in Thailand could be worth the while for beginners as well as advanced explorers of the art, those already certified withstanding, because YTT in Thailand is nothing like what you have experienced anywhere else in the world!

The Aura of Vipassana

Learning how to be peaceful in the face of a constantly changing universe, posing a thousand shades of challenges, is an art. This is the art of meditation. While there are different methods to meditate, all techniques lead to the same definitive question—how to be in equilibrium, how to remain untouched, unaffected but living in one’s full capacity even in the midst of a raging chaos. One who would know how to be like this would know moksha.

The spiritual vein of Thailand founded in Theravada Buddhism explores this question with Vipassana, meaning insight. In retaliation to distress and sorrow, the Buddha had simply asked us to “come and see”.

Go where?

 Into the deepest reaches of your ‘Self’.


By embracing silence and simply becoming watchful of your own breath, as it goes in and then out.

In Thailand, you can discover the silently powerful aura of Vipassana everywhere- in nature, in the peaceful ways of the people, and inside the sanctuary of the yoga hall.

Alternative Therapy with Thai Yoga Massage

Nuat Thai or the Thai Yoga Massage is a specialty of the Thai people. This style of massage is regarded as an alternative therapy its own right. Known to deliver body-mind health benefits with boosted circulation, relief from pain, and immediate mood lift, this therapy is extremely popular. At a yoga retreat in Thailand, you can have your heart filled with relaxation and high flowing happy vibes with Nuat Thai massage from the best of authentic local services.

Living Eco-consciously in Consonance with Nature

Unknown to the touristy frenzy in other parts of Thailand, Pak Song in the South of the country, forms part of a tranquil rainforest. Ecologic- a well-known initiative for empowering the rural and indigenous people, restore and protect tropical ecosystems, is a successful operation in this part of nature. Sustainable living with organic farming, eco-tourism in association with indigenous people of the forest, nature camps, and much more is now happening with Ecologic welfare programs that you can be a part of. Just make your best yoga trip in Thailand with a month-long YTT conducted in association with Ecologic and fall in love with nature all over!

Multifarious Scopes for Karmayoga

Karma Yoga is the concept of performing an action with no attachment to the fruits of action. It is through such a way of conducting life that one can reach closer to liberation or moksha. While you are in Thailand on your yoga journey, you can find ways to perform karmayoga with non-profit service at schools for the underprivileged children, ecological work, and much else.

Interesting Extracurricular Work

There is no way you are going to be bored in Thailand with a monotonous YTT curriculum. There is always loads of adventure options for everybody nearby, and edifying extracurricular programs like Thai language course or fun cooking classes happening.

Thailand is your next yoga destination! So, are you ready for Thailand? 

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