Top 5 Reasons For Introducing Books To Children At Early Stage

by Dolly K. Digital Marketing Executive

Children in early stage needs support of parents to adopt good habits. If they are exposed to educational books from early age, they have a source of guidance which will never betray them. Encouraging kids to read books or to develop reading habits in them do a great favor to the children at early age when their mind is most absorbing and voracious of ideas coming their way. Right from simple skills like reading and recognizing things, children are exposed to storehouse of good values through books.

Books play an important role in development of children. Some of the best advantages offered by the books in developing kids mentally and spiritually are explained below:

    a. Exposure to words and pictures: When kids are in the stage of developing cognitive abilities, they need to be given more than what family members have to offer. The kids who are exposed to latest editions coming from book publishing companies can find a repertoire of words, poems, pictures and etc. They can identify animals, plants, birds and other things of general importance and learn their names too. According to the stage of growth, the complexity of books increases. The stress is more upon developing vocabulary than identifying pictures and so dictionary comes as easy help for kids who want to enrich their social script and express thoughts more lucidly.

      b. Moral education through story telling: Various book publishers come up with stories for kids that are derived from the lives of the role models, religious idols, leaders and achievers. History has a lot to offer to the learners. The very basic values like honesty, patriotism, love for animals, cooperation, and responsibility towards self and others can be inculcated by introducing kids to stories with characters that display these virtues effortlessly. Story books have very important role in the mental development of children and for creating their belief system.

     c. Activity books helps stimulate brain: Some book publishers in India roll out activity books for kids designed according to the mental capabilities specific of various age groups. The idea is to give them a fodder for brain stimulation and also to pass time. Some of the interesting activity books that can be bought for keeping children engaged and mentally active are:

  •       Puzzle books
  •       Coloring books
  •       Pattern books
  •       Drawing books
  •       Cursive writing books, and others.

These activities help children in developing logic, enhancing problem solving abilities and develop a sense of challenging their minds to go for more complex and harder things. Activity books can expose children to the areas of their interest. For example, they may know whether they are inclined to mathematical puzzles, drawing and painting or solving riddles and develop hobbies accordingly.

  d.  Books of educational curriculum to adjust to formal education’s requirements: Formal education is the truth that majority of children are exposed to from very early age. There are levels of education ranging from K1 to K12 designed to give a proper framework to kids for learning. With the help of the books and activity sheets, the kids can learn all that is essential for the wards belonging to their age group. By having guidance from teachers, they learn various subjects and by doing applications in the form of projects, they are able to understand the practical aspect of whatever is taught to them through books.

To conclude,

The world of books is very vast. It has lots to offer to the children in their formative years. Parents can help children pass their time constructively by devoting some time of the day to reading books and doing activities mentioned in books. This helps them develop intelligence among many other virtues.

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